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Sebastian Maniscalco Reflects On Oscar Red Carpet Debut: It Was ‘A Bathroom Break For Photographers’

It’s like hitchhiking with your phone [ laughter ]>>It’s so true, right. Sebastian Maniscalco has become a major force in the standup comedy world and has landed on the top ten highest paid>>Recently sold out four consecutive nights at Madison square garden.>>The garden.>>You are the man. We’re going to talk about the standup. But “Green book,” congratulations on your movie winning best picture. How are with awards for you?>>Everything is great with but when you put me in the movie world, I — it doesn’t — I don’t really hold any clout. I went to the oscars and went down the red carpet and before me is gaga, cooper.>>Gaga, that’s lady gaga.>>It’s like lightning, the cameras are going off. And you barely could see. And you know it’s bad when the publicist has to announce who’s walking down the red carpet. It’s like a bathroom break for the photographers. They’re cleaning their lenses. And they’re like, who? The “Green book.” You guys were there. When I’m walking down the red carpet, I’m hoping someone would call me over to interview. Nothing. Where were you?>>We got you now.>>You were there? We had ga ga.>>Now we got you. I was thinking when “Green book” won, everybody came up on stage. I was trying to find you in the photograph.>>Yeah, so was my father. [ Laughter ]>>They had me sitting up in area C, seat 20.>>Who was your date?>>No date. It was a pity ticket. Hey, I’m looking for the Oscar ticket, I was in the movie, nothing, until two days prior. And you know it’s going to be a bad experience when the car they send for you is like — I think it was a Ford. Nothing against Ford –>>Was it an Uber X.>>Even when we — there’s escalades, tahoes, and the –>>But your movie career, let’s talk about the irishman. I was trying to think of another comedian that can vacillate between the two words of, you’re doing serious drama roles.>>Sci’m very blessed to be in these two movies. I’ve been doing this 21 years O now. And I never would have thought that I’d be in a movie with Robert de Niro. It’s been unbelievable.>>Next year, we got you.>>Next year, when I come to the oscars, first interview –>>Right here. We will welcome you. We will have photographs, snacks, drinks.>>It’s not a dinner. You need the snack. You just finished a tour. You’re also expecting baby number two.>>Baby number two is coming, June 16th. Father’s day, I got my little son arriving.>>I need to eat her up.>>My daughter. Her birthday is Friday. We have — my wife gets a little crazy with the birthdays. We have a mermaid coming to the party. Now –>>What?>>First of all, my first question was how much is that? Secondly it’s coming with a handler because apparently the mermaid, once she puts the fin on, she can’t get into the pool. So we got to pay another guy to come and throw the mermaid into the pool. It’s a Saturday afternoon at my house.>>We’re coming to your house. Very nice to meet you. We’ll see you on the red carpet.>>Fall tour dates will go on

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