Sean Paul Reflects On Working With Beyoncé 17 Years Ago

singer “Call on me.”>>Well, Sean joins us now with so much going on in your life. Let’s begin with the newest edition, your baby girl. How old is she now?>>She’s 6 months now.>>Beautiful family.>>Thank you.>>Congrats.>>Me and my beautiful wife Jody.>>Now are you going to go for the tiebreaker?>>I don’t know. We were saying two and my wife was saying if we got another boy she would go again. And then we got remi, we were blessed with remi and it was so good and she was like maybe one more.>>Mario will tell you as a dad with daughters buckle up.>>Exactly.>>How is being an artist and now having a family, how has that changed you and impact you?>>Less sleep. I have to balance a lot. I still go to the studio frequently. I’m producing now so I do a lot of artist kind of — I’m trying to coach or can I say, you know, give people my perspective on their career. I’m not really managing but producing and kind of mentoring and that takes a lot. And then at home, you know, it’s demanding for my wife especially so I try to be there for her and be there for the kids. It’s kind of crazy every time going away now I’m a little bit more and more apprehensive. I don’t want to go away.>>It gets tougher. It’s teamwork, though. Your wife has your back and you’re all good to go. Digging the new coat “Tough love.” Is it pretty much the label suggests them, you approach the artists or?>>I have writing camps, you know, where I try to –>>Writing camps?>>Yeah, I try to produce stuff and find people who can give me a different perspective on stuff. With this song, you know, we wrote it with a girl named nija. She’s been writing a lot of hits for people like Beyonce and a lot more. She was starting this whole “Calling on me” and everybody in the studio was like oh, it’s a booty call song. And to me it was just more about unity and love. You know, my father had recently passed so all these words started to come in. True love never fails, love never falls, real love conquers all. And, you know, lyrics in there were actually my family talking to me myself also. I’ll be there to give you what you need, I support your causes self-lessly. That’s my family supporting me when I’m away, the things I’m not doing. We’re a good family unit and that’s kind of like what the song means to me.>>Wow, deep.>>Yeah, love is about many different things so I didn’t write it in those words that people would actually be thinking about their father. You could think about your loved one or whatever.>>Sorry about your dad, Sean.>>Thank you.>>Were you close with him?>>You know, it was a weird relationship. He had been to prison when I was a kid, and when I was in my 20s it was kind of weird between me and him and then we became very good friends after that.>>That’s good.>>Yes, he did and that’s really important.>>You mentioned Beyonce earlier but you have that great jam “Baby boy.” How was it working with B?>>That was my first number one so it was amazing. Whirlwind time for me. I’ve had four on the billboard charts now. So that was an amazing thing for me. What was special about songs like this is she’s a great established artist and when she came to me and the track is actually dance all music. A lot of times I do step on other peoples tracks but was showing especially to me and my own culture dance and reggae music is such a strong thing that big acts like Beyonce would come to do it. And even a couple of years later I had another number one with her and that was a dance all track also. I’m very proud of my culture and proud to be someone in the forefront of it.>>When did we get this little piece?>>I tried to get a halo and it just fell down.>>That’s good. I love that one. That’s good. A couple of other people real quick. Keisha Cole, Dua Lipa.>>I pinpoint artists who might be the right person to kind of, you know, represent a song. And if someone do come through sometimes I don’t even know if the person wants to do a song with me but I present it to them and most times they’re like, Yo, this is dope and they’ll add their own special vibe to it.>>Because nowadays you don’t even have to be in the same studio.>>A lot of colabs I’ve done have been like that. Rihanna she came to the beach and saw the Bob marly museum and studio clubs and it was cool to be able to show her that.>>And in the show we were talking about Milly vanilly.>>I remember Milly vanilly.>>Right?>>It still jams.>>It’s dope. Music to me is something that brings us all together, you know what I mean? So I know back in the day we kind of looked at that as weird where someone else was singing the song and they were doing it. But, you know, they still hold a special place in a lot of peoples hearts. It was top of the charts for a while.>>Congrats on all your success.

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