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Sean Kingston 21st Birthday Party Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey guys, Tatiana Diana here on the road to
the Grammys guided by Turbo Tax. We’re at Sean Kingstons twenty-fisrt birthday party. Let’s go see who showed up. [music] So we’ve got the birthday boy. Happy birthday Hey, thank you. You’re twenty-one. Twenty-one, finally I made it. So how’s your life
gonna change as a twenty-one year old? Ain’t nobody can’t tell me nothin’. I get to
go everywhere now. You’re an adult now. Yep This is serious. This is crazy, yep. So the Grammys are around the corner, anybody that you are rooting for? I workin’ with a lot of people, Nicki MInaj again Justin of course. Workin’ with a lot of people this time so it’s going to be amazing. It’s also tax season. Have you done your taxes? Yes, my mom handles that. Shut up, you’ve already done your taxes. I don’t know if she has already done them
but I’m sure she will. That’s great, I haven’t. Well, happy birthday and have a great time. I want to see everybody perform man, Peas, Gaga, whoever. I’m down. So are you rooting for anybody in particular to win? Gaga Gaga. You gonna collaborate with Gaga one day? I’m hoping’ for it, Gaga, Green Day, everybody. Put Obama on the track. Let’s do it. Your dream collaboration, who is it? Green Day Really? That would be rad. What would be the sound of your song? I would do the Green Day. Have them
do the IS, there you go. I want Eminem to win and I want Chris Brown to win too. I want Ray J to win. Man, I got to get nominated first. Next year, I swear to God. I have to say my boy, Justin Bieber. That’s
my boy, we just did a remix of one of his songs and he’s
hopin’ on one of my new singles. Bieber is ridiculous right now. Yeah, you know, he’s a new Little Romeo. Oh, Bieber’s learning from Romeo. He’s learnin’ from the best. It’s been a great year for music and honestly
there’s a lot of people on my list. Anybody that you really like seeing perform at the Grammys? Eminem and Dre man, yes, yes. They’re gonna kill it

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