Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer Rag': Jon England (from "Royally Entertained" DVD)

in the 1970s an historic phenomenon was reborn with a release of a wonderful feel-good movie starring two of perhaps the most magnetic and dynamic movie actors of all time paul newman and robert redford the historic phenomenon wasn't in the storyline or the acting although both of those were just great the piano playing musical arranging genius Marvin Hamlisch brought to life the catalogue of music composed by one of the 20th century's least celebrated but perhaps most influential pop composers Scott Joplin despite a short-lived and for the most part tragic life this man's legacy to the world of music is infinitely entertaining and it was this factor together with the judicious use of his musical catalogue that brought the film The Sting joyfully to life today few engaging piano performances could be considered properly complete without a spirited rendition of one of his most famous compositions the Entertainer rag you bye


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