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khloe's Powell Scott Disick his life has also been very publicly thing you know yeah I mean listen that's really family to her so let's like her brother and we know that he has had some pretty wild moments that have been caught on camera and he told Justin how he feels about his three kids one day seeing it all I think definitely years ago there was things that I would never a million years want my children to see or hear about but the truth of the matter is now I've gone to a place where I think that I will tell them all these stories and I believe that my kids probably wouldn't even believe how bad of a place I really was in so now I have a place to actually show them like listen this is how disgusting I was at one point yeah and now let me teach you and build from here that this is not the life you want to lead and it could have went a different direction for me and honestly because I've had you guys I've been able to live a different life I think he's got some fresh new perspective and I spent some time with them for a work function a week or so ago he is a really really nice guy my wife and I are moving to a place that he's familiar with and just sending us the unsolicited emails of just help hey this is a good sub shop you might like this place that's terrific he's a kind guy yeah I know we see a lot on the reality show and he went through those ups and downs but he seems to be in a place where he's just happy right and he's really focused on family and I think you should praise people for that because when you come out of a spot where you're at right and everybody's like oh no what Scott's gonna do now like we're happy where he's at watching your growing pains on camera like if there was a camera around watching me would I'd have a lot of apologizing to do I think we all we gotta be a little bit easier on people who make themselves vulnerable that way he's in a good place take a look at Kim's 29th birthday bash in Vegas Scott threatened to waiter after Kris cut him off in 2010 after Courtney confronted him about the smell of pot in their Miami apartment Scott got physically violent the incident required him to undergo surgery I can't do this anymore like I'm not gonna like I love me more than I love you four years later Scott's abuse of alcohol and pills reached a frightening point in the Hamptons Scott confided in Khloe about his pain after his parents died within months of each other these days fatherhood is Scott's priority he recently instagrammed I used to post lots of pics of my cars but now I post a lot of pics of my kids I guess I found my real love and passion he's in a stable relationship with Sophia Richie has a new ishow flip it like Disick coming out and is in a great place co-parenting with Kourtney Scott Knight we're going to meet each other's lives forever like we are soul mates in a sense you know no matter what whether weren't ever together again or not I like

  • Scott has come along way and he has lived and learned 2 be a better person. His true soul mate is kourt… kourt have tried to be the best mom and wife to him and their children, its time for him to man up and put all others a side and hold on to his family. he has the best support team, the Kardashians. Seal the deal and give kourtney that long awaited Mrs kourtney Disick she deserve every bit of it. The little kids deserve their mom and dad!!!
    Thank you for sharing God bless 🙏🙏🙏

  • I don't like Scott dicksuck 😒 bad vibes all the time from him. He was and continues to be a complete creep to the mother of his children. The worst part is her family has his back over hers at times 🤢🖕🏻

  • I wonder why people don’t hold Scott’s past against him the way they hold the Kardashian women’s past against them.

  • It's not his fault he should of been a fighter… But look at those shoes, and … Come on… EveryBodies all up in yours in LA now my my… What do we have HERE!!

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