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Sarah Silverman Has a Bone to Pick With the 2019 Emmys | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Sarah Silverman. [ Helicopter blades whirring in distance ] -Cue the helicopter. -Is that your ride? [ Laughter ] Every year, I look forward to talking to you or seeing what
you’re gonna do inside because I feel like you’re up to some antics. One year, it was, like, the moustache. -Yes. -What are you doing tonight? -Nothing, I — They cut us off at the knees. There isn’t
even a host anymore in these shows. They don’t want comedians to talk. -Did you offer to step in? -No. Nobody wants to do it, either. I mean, it’s thankless. -I love your show, nonetheless, but I heard that you want
Sacha Baron Cohen to win. You’re in the same category as him, right? -Of course I would love to win, but I’m just saying — First
of all, I didn’t know that we were eligible, so I was just going like, “Sacha!” You know? And he’s my brother, and all that aside, knowing him
personally aside, I just thought that show was so brilliant, so important, so funny, and I just don’t understand why,
like, think about it — Why wasn’t he nominated for best actor? He — That’s high-wire acting like you’ve never seen in your
life! -They guy’s brilliant. -They never consider comedy acting. -And he doesn’t do a lot of interviews. -No, he’s super shy. -Yeah. Okay. Well, maybe talk to him for me. -I might try. -Great to see you. Congrats on the nomination. -Thank you. -Surprise us if they do a cutaway. I want to see something
funny, okay? -I’ll try to do something, but you don’t want to be sweaty
and desperate. -I got you water. -That’s true. -I’ll get you a water. -I meant, like, uh, sweaty comedically. All right, I’m
going! -Oh, yeah. All right.


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