Sarah Hill, CH&CO – voxpop on Global Good Awards

this is the second year that we've done the vegan menu for the event and last year when we did the vegan menu remember the first caterer to actually go for a whole vegan menu and for any large event so global good means to me sustainability environmental impact the changes that we can make diversity inclusion which fits actually quite well into our values that we have as a business so our own values are inclusive inquisitive and uplifting I think is really important to become sustainable we also work in association with the sustainable Restaurant Association and last year we were the most diverse caterer to be awarded the highest three-star rating which we are maintaining and improving on year on you so it's something that's really important clients customers are expecting it and it is just a basic expectation now so you have to keep going above and beyond to make sure you're meeting everybody's needs global good means to me being sustainable having lower impact on our environment protecting future and looking at what we do can do globally to improve across so just not individuals and not just local businesses but they're actually huge impact that we're having on the environment and how we can change that

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