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Sarabha The God Hindi Dubbed 2019 (Sarabha) | New Horror Movie | Aakash Sahadev, Mishti

Chandraksh! Moving towards the wedding pavilion, I brought a virgin girl for sacrifice in 17th
prayer. Chandraksh. I sacrifice Chandbhairavi to a virgin girl. Chadraksh will get kheer prasad. Mother Chandbhairavi… (Religious Chanting) Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice… You have achieved it, Chadraksh. From last 17 years sacrificing 17 virgin girls 17th prayer got completed. Now only the last one is left. But that is the most difficult. Guruji I will get over that difficulty as well. Chandraksh. Slowly… If you help ghosts to get rid of 18 main magic, then their power will be yours. Don’t give up. If you give-up Your penance for the last 17 years will go waste. Then you have to start again from 1st prayer. Then you have to start again from 1st prayer. he will disturb us. I will send my ghosts to God. You will be the first one to rule over Devil kingdom. Chandraksh. You will become the leader of the devils. Raktaksh…! Yes Dad! Your father will become the leader of this devil kingdom. Raktaksh…! Yes.. We have to find Balipeeth, bring the sword. The penance of last 17 years for Chandbhairavi, those Inanimate fields.. Where Satans can turn positive into negative and can kill their thirst by drinking blood we want that place. That place would be good for sacrificing another girl. Go find it… Mother Chandbhairavi! You will show me the way and I will develop that place. Powestar hairstyle. Tirupati, your hairstyle is best. He is bald. Tell me one thing… how much do you charge for cutting? Only 30/- Rs. I charge 3000/- Rs. Do you charge for ribbon cutting? See… Who does not even know how to wear a sari, they inaugurate sari shops. Ask why.. Because they are celebrities. And i am the celebrity of this village. Even you are not cutting for free. Right? You charge 30/- Rs for cutting hair. Ribbon here and 3000/- there. This is a big problem. His heart is very clean. And we will clean the pockets. Mr. President! You are a big shot. Why? You can do anything. You are robbing the villagers and he is robbing you. You are robbing people and giving that money to him. I have appointed goons to kill that bastard. He is not here. The President told us this place. He is harassing our President. His bike is here. This means that he is around. Stop hiding, come and fight me. Where are you? What happened? Did i consumed more footage? Everybody wants to be a hero. Please encourage me… Let’s encourage him. Wait, wait, wait… Why are you in a hurry to fight? Let me warm up first. First catch me then we will fight. Okay? Come… This is an introduction. That is why i was fighting for entertainment. Do you want the serious fight? Sir that is our bag… Chinnarao that is not fair. We spent in the elections that is why collecting back. Oh you won that is why you are collecting back? My uncle lose, what will he do? His money should also be returned. So will you take my money for that? Why not? My wife sent me money from Dubai to build a house. I spent that money in the elections. People did not vote even after taking money. You ditched me also. That is why i am collecting from both of you. Oh is it? I will resign. You always say that but never did it. Something is special in that chair. What sir? A needle. If you sit, the needle will prick but still you want to sit. Collection is done, let’s go to the market. Lalitha! Yes didi. Keep all flowers and garlands inside. Okay didi. Ramesh! Yes mam. Take these roses as well. And listen. Have you seen the Sarabha? Ask him to stop roaming around with uncle. He will be spoiled. Keep these flowers aside. Do you know what everyone thinks? 3 monkeys are roaming in village. Uncle, she is calling us monkey. Everyone makes fun of me. Uncle.. What are you saying? I am completely grown up now, but I am still a virgin. If you have a stamp, it does not mean that you can stamp it anywhere. Like a person who have a pen but cannot sign. Okay, let’s go now. Uncle, Uncle… Mom! Have you seen uncle. I tried to find him. Uncle Uncle Uncle Sister! Have you seen Sarabha? I tried to find him. Sarabha Sarabha Sarabha Uncle! Sarabha! Aunty! Have you seen uncle and Sarabha? You came here in search of them.Right? Don’t know where both went. Wow..! You are all very good actors. You are old now. You should stop them… You are spoiling them with you. Have some Shame. Say it… You also say it… Who else will say? My wife is in Dubai, so I had to drink whiskey to overcome memories. Everyone is calling me an alcoholic. I went home but i can not stop missing her. That is why i came here. But you are also calling me the same. Leave.. Every time you guys play the same drama. Are you angry? Ok. Hit me, hit me… Hit me… Why would I cry if I could hit you? Go.. Go and freshen up, I will serve food. I want to get hit by you once. Is this why you are walking around like dogs? Nobody is going to ask, that’s why. Right. I do not have a father who will ask. Mom! Won’t you feed me? Take. There is no shortage. Will you always eat from mother’s hand? Yes. I am used to it now. You will keep your wife happy. Where is that girl? Divya! What happened? Nothing, Daddy. God, please show me the path to save my daughter. Keep calm. Why should i free you Are you a school girl. You are under the influence of ghosts. Uncle! Hold her tightly. If we leave her, she will kill us. I can see that. The soul whose wish is fulfilled goes to God. One who is not, becomes a ghost. There is no ghost. She is faking so she can get rid of housework. Come here. Hold my hand, now look at her. You have gone through a very bad time when you were alive. Why are you hurting people alive now? Any other women’s pain. Not your pain? Go..! No, i will not go. Sarabha! Ask her to do 9 rounds of the temple. Nothing to worry about. Swami! For this work… Why did I choose Sarabha? This is what you are thinking right? Whenever you ask this question. I give answer that God is for everyone. But Sarabha is special. Sorry to disturb you bad souls. Whenever I come you all get upset. Otherwise nobody dares to disturb you. You all stay here with love. Don’t fight. Live like a family without disturbing each other. Okay? Bye souls. This time Brahmotsav should make history. Central minister’s daughter learnt Guchipudi. Sir, It’s Kuchi Pudi not Guchi Pudi. I know… I have arranged 1st performance of Kuchi Pudi dance. Do you have any objection? Yes, we have. Who said that? Shit, not again. Why are you guys behind me? Please leave me alone. Other ministers are arranging item dances. Have you ever wondered what the villagers want? We don’t want classical dance performances. Arrange some item numbers. Hello! I will not allow this. Hey you! Piece of leaf. We will see how you are going to organize a Kuchi Pudi dance performance. i swear of this old man’s last teeth Orchestra dance will be arranged. We will see that later. This kind of thinking doesn’t come like this. I think some evil spirits have arrived in this village. Raktaksh! You can do anything by the grace of Chandbairavi. But you have to complete your father’s oath. You have to complete the prayer of the 18th sacrifice. We want that special girl for sacrifice. We must keep evil spirits ready before the sacrifice? Right? 1st we have to find that special girl for sacrifice. Go find her. Go in all four directions and find that special girl for sacrifice. I will bring that bad spirit. Please don’t mind. Your father will be so angry. What is this sir? If we dance then it is a crime and if the people of Delhi dance then it is art. Isn’t this the art of dancing on an orchestra? It is not a matter of anyone to kill the art. Artist don’t fear of Guns and swords. Will you hang me? Then do it. However your main man is missing. But we got you. You guys messed up with central minister’s daughter. Finally we got the chance! Listen. We have arranged your cremation. See backside. Go inside. This is not right. Only the police can hit us. No, no, no. Police will not interfere in this. Close the door. Ok sir. I can not live with this guilt. I will commit suicide. When you come to know that she is the daughter of a minister, why did you not run away like me? Will honor return by committing suicide? You are a man. Daring, revenge. should be there. Right? yes. We will not leave that girl from Delhi. Go and see the temple. Okay Daddy. Gurudev! I feel bad when I see my daughter suffering from bad dreams. But she doesn’t feel anything in the morning? Even doctors are not aware of that disease. I allowed her to dance in celebration so that you could see her and find some way out. But when you asked for a horoscope, I came directly to meet you. Give it to me. This is my daughter’s horoscope. This horoscope attracts bad spirits. You daughter is in danger. You have always advised me better. I am here only because of you. I have everything. But no one can save me. But only you can. I came here for that. Please save my daughter. Don’t worry. Let your daughter be here until everything becomes normal. We will save her. Who’s there? Divya. You are as beautiful as your name. Thankyou. We do not have the facilities like in your house. Pujari ji asked me to stay at your home, because you are sweet. I loved your house. Consider it your home. No, that’s my house. Okay. He is my son, Sarabha. He is the shadow of God, that’s why I named him after God. No need to introduce us, we will take care of that. You go sister. I didn’t tell you. They are good people. If anyone wastes in the village, they are. No need to laugh. There is no need of goodness in this village. Understood? What did you do? Uncle! Now you are caged as a soul. Now you will realize. What will you do? Surely will tell you. We have many plans. You will get to know. Let it come. i will reverse it. There is a girl inside the house. Didn’t I asked you to not to drink. We are not drunk. You guys are drunk or not, i will decide. Hello! Hello! Uncle. This is not phone. When the police stop us to investigate whether we are drunk or not. It is the same device. Blow in this. Blow… Do not suck it, blow it in. Aunty! It’s not reading. You didn’t drink today? Show me… It’s not working. We are completely drunk, but it is not working. Will not do. This is duplicate. Aunt, they got caught. Sister..! When you called me sister then only i got to know that. Divya, let’s go. My tongue slipped. What have you done, uncle. Bastards, Fools… Who took you there? Don’t worry madam, president sir will take care of everything. Nobody took me. I am new to this village so I went there by mistake. That is okay.. But what about bed? You may leave now. Divya is in danger, Sarabha. I thought you would protect her, that’s why I asked her to stay at your house. And you… It’s not like that, Guruji. Forget it. Take care of Divya till she comes out of danger. Tie this on her hand. Uncle! Look there… Sarabha is in her influence. We need to get her out of our way. There is a trick in it. My eyes can dig me up but my nephew can’t. I’ll prove it now. Sarabha! Sleep outside, uncle. Have you got it now? He kicked us out, All the servants went home, Mom is in the hospital. And they are having fun. You are not seeing anything. What is happening, uncle? Hell Awaits. Sarabha, Sarabha…! I will not let my nephew suffer from it. I will not let her ruin the live of my nephew. Basically i am a villain. Doing comedy for a change. But from inside… i am like this only. She woke up the sleeping villain inside me. I want my nephew back. We need to teach that girl a lesson. She should not live in this world. Uncle! We were beaten up that day because of you. Now you are planning the murder. They will burn us alive. You are stupid, there is a difference between a boss and an employee. We will plan, Bring death closer to her. She will die, but we will not be responsible for that. Uncle…! It’s a super plan. The girl died of snake bite. The same will be printed in the newspaper. Our Sarabha will come back to us. Why the snake is coming back to us? This plan also got failed. This is an interesting case. It is very rare. We have to treat this carefully. Go and send the next batch. Yeah call everyone. I wish i was dead. You are all auctioning my respect. If anyone comes now, I will kill them. I will make another plan to send her back to Delhi. Uncle! What happened? This is his bad time. What are you doing here? Why are you blushing so much? I have a good new for you. Are you going back to your house? No, now I will be here with you all for my lifetime. I.. You? with your nephew… with nephew… don’t say that you love him. What are you saying? What do you think of them. He is minister’s daughter. Do I not have the right to love? I… I love Sarabha. What about him? Don’t know. I am going to propose him right now. I need your blessings. This is your good time. You go… Thankyou, thankyou… Sorry! Did you get her? Where is she? I know where she is. But she is under Dev Shakti, who is protecting her. I was not able to bring her here. Please forgive me Raktakshak. You found that girl. That’s enough for me. I don’t need special powers to bring that girl. I will bring her here. You are seeing unwanted children of ghosts. What are you? Death. Never come in the way of death. You will die. Save yourself and run away from here. If you play with fire, you will be fine. But don’t play with the fire inside me. Otherwise you will be blown. Back-off. I can die for her and if needed I can kill people to save her. Parvati amma! Are you still alive? I am blessed that i found you. If you are here, that means my dad will be here. I will take my dad with me. Is he your child? I will not leave him. I will not leave her and you as well. I will kill everyone. Dad, are you here? I searched you everywhere on earth. I am coming. Safety circle. I will break this circle. I have completed 17 prayers. I will save you from this circle and you will complete the last prayer. Your soul did not rest, so I did not performed any rituals. I will make you alive. Are you listening me? I will not leave anyone who harassed you. This is my promise to you. Where mom? Where will we go now? This is my village. Mom. No i understand this. This is my village, not yours. Tell me, who are you? Any one can ask this question with anyone but not with mother. I want to know this. Tell me. I am your mother. Isn’t that enough? No. I don’t care if someone kills me. But He threatened me that he would kill you. I will not leave him. Who was he? Who was that mad guy? Please tell me mom. I swear the womb that if you speak a word now, you will see my dead face. Sister. I am older thatn you, that why you called me your brother. You brought me up like your son. Now you are leaving us because of that threat. I will not let you go. Brother, we have to go. Where will you go, Parvati? Anywhere. I need to get away from my past. You are your past. Where will you go? I seeing that scariness in yours eyes again. Everyone is with you. Where will you go? Why do you think that i am alone. My son is with me. He is my everything. Divya… I am handing her over to you. Please giver her powers which you gave me. I think you are mistaken. We are new in this village. Please forgive us. I know you are dying to know what happened… But I am scared wondering what is going to happen next. And this fear was started 25 year ago. Our village was happy, but suddenly everything was finished. We have heard of dying people because of Drought prone. People who can not earn bread and butter. But it was something else. It was black magic. Pet animals started hunting people. I want blood. We were used to of deaths. He was our inspiration. Karrtav Raydu. Your father. Please do not be scared of these events. That fear will kill your inner strength. We should face this. Elders takes care in house. Elder people of village takes care of village. But… God will take care of these unnatural events. If we follow the path of truth then God will be with us. His speeches were the strength to the villagers. Parvati was the wife of Kartav Raydu. There was only one shortcoming in his life God gave me the world’s best husband. but i am not able to give a child. Sit down. You said it that God gave you the Husband. If you are not able to give birth to a child then it is not your fault. God knows better. What happened Parvati? God Narsimha Swami came in my dreams. You keep on worshiping God. That is why he came into your dreams. When time have to be changed then God should come on earth. Sir! Sir, bring it down. We need it now. By the grace of God, you will have a baby boy very soon. Name him Sarabha. He will take care of everyone. Sarabha. Make the temple. This is my area. How dare you to make the temple here? You will die. You are about to die, that is why God called you here. We will make the temple once you are buried. You are making the mistake. You will be finished. He save us. From that time we respect your father. But, again we came to an end. Again we are at the same point, where we started. Death, Fear… Even your father is no not there to save us. But we knew it that his child will be alive. And i started searching for you. I became certain when I saw you and your mother. But your mother… Ran away. Mother… Ran away. The mother ran away protect her child. I didn’t give birth to my child in my maiden. My son was born as orphan. Parvati…! You made me Ghost. I will not let you live. I have caught so many spirits. But… I have never seen such a stubborn soul. You are from a very knowing family. Who are you? I have no one. I am alone here. Your child saved your life. How can you be alone then? That time i was Raydu’s wife and now i am his child’s mother. He is my life. I cannot sacrifice my son for that village, Narayan. Please go, go from here. Wait… My father died to make the temple. Hearing this, I cannot remain calm. You’ve spent your life with him, how should you feel? Even if the attempt fails… we should not give up. So far you have seen your innocent son, Now you will see the father’s brave son. If we follow the path of truth, God will be with us. God will help us until we succeed. See Divya.! You are aware that your life is in danger, still we never saw you sad. But we are seeing you sad since the time Sarabha left. Love changes everyone around… Your love changed us. Yes, Your love is great. Sarabha will return. You will definitely marry him. We have to complete the incomplete process to build the temple, We have to clean the idol and then put that idol in the temple. Tell me Gurudev.. What should i do now? Kailash Parbat in North, Ganga flows from there, You have to bring the Water of Ganga before the placement of Idol. We have to clean the Idol from that water. Narayan! Gurudev. According to planetary movements, The 18th Yagyopaveet of Rakshaksha is near. We have to go to Vishnupur before Sarabha comes back. Okay. From this dark captivity for so many years… I will set you free. I saved you by making magical armor. I will fulfill your oath. We have to bring back the soul of the father. It’s under Self protection cycle. You have to break that. Do as i say. Why did you stay there? Go. Divya… Go…….. Divya, come here. Where is Sarabha? I have a good news for him. His aunt is returning from Dubai. He will be happy to hear this. Where is he? Where is he? Are you looking for him too? Come, we’ll find him together. Sit…. No.. I will search alone. What are you thinking of? I know where he will be right now. Nearby school. Your aunt is happy to know that I have changed. I am very happy. Where are you going? Sarabha is here. He would be near school, right? I forgot that in hurry. Stop. Stop… Stop….. you lied to me… to me… Divya. Divya! Can’t you hear me? What are you doing there? I was waiting for you. Who told you that i’ll be here. Uncle, uncle told me. Uncle? Where is he? He is going. Where? Don’t know. Come. Yes, i am coming. Sarabha! Please take me to the tree of spirits. Why now? Not this time. If you are with me, then we can. Why do you want to go there? My ring fell there. I want to find it right there. When? When you left me there. Everything happened because of you. We’ll go tomorrow. But when tomorrow? You will leave early in the morning. You will be late. That was my mother’s ring. I see my mother in that ring. Please understand. Please, please, please… Take me there… Please. Okay, let’s go. See how many spirits are looking for your ring. You are very fond of your mother’s ring, don’t you? Don’t worry, no one comes here. Your ring is safe. What happened? Why didn’t you wear slippers? you must be careful. I was thinking about you. That’s why… Okay, getup now. Take me in your arms. You can walk… You can pick me up also. You should use it when you are getting a chance. Don’t waste it. It is a matter of my benefit. Right? Then pick me up. Okay. Hey, have you gone mad? Yes, Ghost has fallen upon me. You’re right. Hey, Incoobi. I am Sarabha. You will be in the cage in one punch. I am scared. You act so well. Search the ring. What happened? Someone is calling spirits. Your uncle has been killed. From last many years, Chandraksha’s soul enters his body. That will be dangerous for you and your mother. If his body performs last prayer, everything will be finished. The world will be subject to ghosts. What do we have to do now? Every dead body has an unseen bond with its soul. If we break that bond, then soul can not enter in the body again. Gurudev, Divya. Aunty… Aunty… Divya! What happened? Come inside. You come out, aunty. We have to go. It’s not right to get out at this time. We will go once Sarabha comes back. Come inside. Everything is finished. Spirit is finished. Your father is dead. You did perform prayer without my concern. For last prayer, We need lives also. You did this because of your ego. Now what? Everything is finished. I am waste if i can not fulfill my father’s wish. Won’t let promises break. Raktaksh, don’t do it. Listen to me. Chandraksha, your son changed the rules of this earth. He surrendered his live to make you alive. Mother, Chandbhairavi. You gave me the great son. I am grateful to you. Sarabha, Sarabha. You have to but not for mom. for, Akashganga. Please leave me. Sarabha. Do as is say. Spirits are doing this to divert your mind. Till then death can not touch your mother and Divya. Temple have to be made. Before that you have to bring Akashganga. Don’t let water fall on surface, otherwise it will lose it’s power. Bring it safely. Leave right now, don’t forget your goal. Sarabha! Mom. Sarabha. Are you fine? Yes mom. Did you bring Akashganga? Yes. Mom, you do the honors. Akashganga wasted. How will your God come noe?


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