yo yo yo hey guys is poppin John Slade here back with another unboxing and today I've got something pretty I will say it's pretty special for you guys so this is the Air Jordan 5 but it's not just any ordinary Air Jordan 5 it's a special version that was created by trophy room which is Marcus Jordans store well was Marcus Jordan's store in Florida they actually closed down at the end of May but before they closed down they released this Air Jordan 5 and actually there are a couple versions of this adroit in private but I'll get into all of that let's just stop all the talking and let's get right to the shoes so first of all the box is crazy this is the normal air Jordan five box but you see it's in this like powder blue with the Air Jordan logo there it has the number 23 there in gold and then it has trophy room right there with the trophy room logo and the words trophy room and then the trophy room logo and then the Jumpman logo there and obviously they have the gold ring right there just added an extra touch here definitely gives this a more premium feel than you usually get with a shoot like this or an air jordan v in particular so let's open it up and take a look inside now I've actually already worn this pair I did a show that I'll tell you guys about later in another video and I've had these sent to me by the folks over at Jordan Brant to wear on the show and again I'll tell you about all of that later but let's get into here first it comes with a dust bag which is always a welcomed addition to any sneaker release so just an off white or sale bag with the Jordan logo and then on this side it has the trophy room logo very nice touch very very well done again all of the details are what matter with this release and that's what really takes this release up in my mind then instead of the regular tissue paper you have plastic paper which has the number 23 there on it and let me take the shoes out and these are so so good very very well done and we'll get into those in just a second there's a whole bunch of little small things in here but before I get into the paper just want to show you the box here and that it has like this woodgrain print here on the inside of the box and that is more about the trophy at Michael Jordan's house which is where that inspiration comes from so again the details are really starting to pop out here and then here are the shoes but the final piece here I can just say the final piece the last part of the box is this picture right here which is of the actual trophy room and you see that they have the wooden floor there with the bulls logo right there in the middle and then you see the blue which is the blue that you see here is lightly around the room and that's kind of where that inspiration comes from so just a quick note right there so very well done very cool that they added that postcard to kind of help bring everything together so we know exactly where this color came from oh then I didn't even notice this I'm looking at these shoes for a while says welcome to the family right there on the box and the addition to the the cement print that they have on there as well so very very cool so now getting back to the tissue paper it has a picture of the gate here if you've seen my Tori Michael Jordan's house video you see that gate but if the gate has the number 23 on it which is technically on the other side here so if you put these two to get us here on the fly trying to make the gate so if you have the gate here of how do you do this this way no I don't know how this maybe like that so it has this is terrible so they have the 23 like that and I guess that's how you see it so I think that there you go you guys can see that or maybe here is it better there are like that if you guys can see that to the top can see that in top camera yeah there you go so that's it alright that was a disaster anyway alright let's get into the shoes so this is the Air Jordan 5 and for fans of the Air Jordan 5 that have done a little bit of history about the shoe you know that it follows the progression of the three than the four and the five like each one of those shoes kind of come together to make the five and so for the three you get the midsole of the Air Jordan five and then you see here we have the the Vince or the mesh the plastic mesh panels those come from the Air Jordan 4 and then the rest is the 5 which was also loosely inspired by a military fire plane so if you want to get that specific into the details you see that's where a lot of this come from including the teeth that we see here but let's look at this pair specifically first of all it comes with three pairs of laces so you have a sail pair you have an orange pair and you also have the ice blue pair that you see there on the shoes which looks really nice then we have the ice blue upper which is of a suede quality and it's a very very nice suede I really love the way that this feels Jordan Brand did a really great job in making sure that the quality of the materials on this pair is super super nice which is really really dope we have the red liner here sorry oh there's another pair there's a red pair of laces as well so it's for a pair of laces sorry about that then you looking at the rest of the rest of the shoe we have the sail on the midsole here and then you have the teeth that are in red right there and they have the cement print but it's in red there as well and then obviously the icy blue and then the lace lock is clear but it's gold for the actual apparatus that locks your laces in so again trying to go into the whole trophy room where the whole thing is inspired on the tongue I believe this is reflective on the tongue which is something that Tinker Hatfield the designer of the ears your I wanted to add a little pop of reflectivity to the tongue of the Air Jordan 5 and that's why you have that there so it will pop in the lights when they take pictures with the camera so that's where that is from and then the outsoles are just next-level on this pair so it's a translucent outsole but underneath it it has this like woodgrain sort of print to it and then you have the Jumpman logo there and black with the white outline but then when you go to the left shoe you have that same translucent outsole you have that same woodgrain print but then you have the trophy room logo instead of the jump man being in black with a white outline it's just the white outline so you get that there so there are three different pairs of this shoes so there was this pair which released at retail and I believe were limited to seven thousand pairs then there was also a red pair which had this red that you see on the inside of it and that's the pair that PJ Tucker wore for those of you that affair the PJ Tucker and then there was also a sale pair as well that did not release but just was on display at the store lately they may have released in store or maybe they were just on display in store I'm not sure cuz I haven't really seen those anywhere anyway well let's get back to this pair cuz there are some details about this prayer that you should probably know first of all on the left shoe it has the trophy room logo right there on the back and then the right pair it has the Jumpman logo on the right shoe it has number 23 which is Michael Jordan's number where you have that right there and gold with the black outline and then on the left pair you have the number 5 which it was Marcus Jordans number in high school which is 2 plus 3 equals 5 so that's where the 5 comes about there and then on the back of the tongue you have the Air Jordan with a trophy room logo but it's in a more I would say military or like army sort of print which obviously works because the shoe was inspired loosely inspired by a military plane and that's on both of the tongues and then the final final detail I know I keep saying the final detail but there's so much to these shoes the final detail is the insoles which have these court insoles which goes obviously to the championship trophy when you win a championship you pop champagne which has a cork inside of the champagne before you open it and so that's why the whole court thing exists in that whole team existed you see it has the trophy room logo here on the left shoe and then on the right shoe it actually has the Jumpman logo so overall I would say a pretty nice package very well put together now my pair is not a retail pair if you got the retail pair of these they're actually numbered on the inside and this pair is not number this pair came directly from Jordan Brand so I guess this I'm gonna say that this is a sample I'm not sure but I believe this is one of the sample pairs because again this is one that we're sold at retail have number X X X X of 7,000 printed on the ankle and this pair does not have that because again this pair was not sold at retail this was a pair that Jordan Brand sent me directly anyway just want to give you guys a quick look at these I really love this color I'm not the biggest air jordan v fan I just love the basic black and submit color way more than I love any of the other colorways that have popped up no I take that back I take that back the grape colorway is also really built to me as well I really like the green colorway as well but this is one of the one of the few that I definitely like I'm definitely going to be rocking these a little more than I usually would just because I don't wear a lot of air jordan flies but with these that's going to change anyway just want to give you guys a quick look as always I appreciate you make sure you like favorite and subscribe and even if you don't subscribe just turn on those notifications and make sure you watch this video as always I'm Jacques Slade I appreciate you and again big thank you to Jordan Brand for sending these over for the show and I'll let you guys know about that as soon as I can let you guys know about that alright guys I'll see you soon peace


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