SAMOA ENTERTAINMENT-FOI LE TAMA FARMER EPISODE # 4..Let families,friends know..FREE Movies to watch.

okay so five a book if I tuck me away then I'll coupon an item in an hour well you know what well overall a my faux fuck if I'm a diamond L it is unequal oh wait we might not even really away for a while but onion among we are a miss mom I guess yeah Wow labor pulao in Lima oh can you buy houses jicama yeah I'll go fight okay I'll go fuck what oh don't nothing like that go for ya my Sosh y'all realize how it mallamma but yeah well not getting younger foot well Matthew here for ya a magical younger self I will find my vitamin A Little Miss Yamazaki I cool why do I survive even I can afford it go I miss them I like you if I'm not by myself I'm not gonna fake never come on okay Yahoo hey looking over there come I will ya ya woof woof or Chien Qing er yeah paddy a mano put that one friend a mine yup oh I don't go when you know people are bullshitting see late for cocky cocky BBC from caçapava or nami bukkake a knockout so you know for myself will you look at on the AG face America is one minute boss so for sure yep no no fine yeah so so so oh yeah awesome cheese why should they find my foot beautiful a study Illuminati mama Wow hey whose car come for a whole family you know we survive anymore mistake well Mahalo yep got me the gold nigga fuck oh yeah kuqali mother NACO viscacha kawasaki yah yah yah yah yah yah illusory yeah I we are favored guiity you so sorry Leila Davis are sorrowful Okafor I don't know Melania but kakaka whatever pedophilia the community love you the body ha ha Oh Oh Mallory supona Oracle Sharla while yelling ikana komova in LA I love a few penny oh my god find God somebody I fucking alien mu Qing Qing er LA traffic I telephone yellow Kalia for in seminar oh it's me Fatima kava-kava vas kya belief wah gherkin mom one Okeke London are walking Lucifer I didn't work when I was in yum of a yahoo no no no any further order for now fussy like a home comic Immokalee Dianna Pepe aliens may offer you a kill kill away for a year for a mark and become Osceola commercial muffled Oh Oh they love sorry both times be honest Oh yeah yeah some syllables are called karate for a general your mother for idiocy motto of the oven well mommy yeah yeah look at me look I still in love I'm meeting a son whenever Dhamma it's an errand on do your to finish I mean wallop a fucking American Shane Shane my wife oh yeah biological Wow he said with a fingernail f you anka my self amoun pacifically family ki from below I'm from Waikiki nice a silver walk okay efficacy action Vandana well done we'll see yeah they're not going in the phone dialer Malindi japheth acai yeah so never FICO yeah Leon Shamala but shut off when appear before your ballet I won't fight for you if I don't know what monogamy see the Olano lucky or if I say old fella no matter what I'm feeling playful yeah I do a photo commando key underneath me and I came across on my noggin and Sheila I had to see yeah mama Rita Mikasa lucky Lovato not be snarky with the fish say no Marcia see mathematically Toby I have already drawn a verify that one huh we kind of are maybe a 15 yeah family was everybody up on my god me Kanye sound a Ohioan you know what we like we hope all good man don't see me tell you but yeah lucky I saw buddy for a one-piece if a bunny bunny Owen no more food this is if I'm not being a molester away give me last fall and you're off when I asked about my career my sound my makeup no patted my okay my mother would say Nina yes if I dunno my offer is it a little if you said – I said yes yeah muscle it left my side side Hey depend on man what I have your beer 101 or anyway boom up I must be a fire or ouya way laughs kya Angulo coming in Larry Russell say yeah and maha fava pa da cunha you silly dido funny even finer somebody was my focus a Catalan whoa oh my yes in Emilia Carr walkway Yahoo Yahoo fulfill our wish is for in Magni Monica Manila more mobile Omaha kia ora you so very very much fa la la la la manera que lo mejor para para vos in hombre que no te kakano ah ni a shinobi Realty CFS or when you blew it Oh loud muffled first I shot ya I will appear for each syllable Rufio we are laying out a telenovela oh yeah they are so much on the moon the Caliph United on my sofa muscle bear for you only for fun mama yo I'm here oh well I'm not mama llama analyst for fall away yet oh my oh my photography needed was more in the macaron oh yeah what can be as a buyer you come back up here so for whom nothing idea there are no way yellow puffle fuck both y'all go the I know from one going a CPR boy if you say we I did that for my lamp Alabama driving well the I marketing are you know for a living cowboy machine commit water water wash your feet ank-ooo but lay the little goofy and Su Su major Kira knuckles I favor a frame is come I promise you swore by a fight Cap'n I'm not like gonna be back surely love are made of it so when the boomerang on your film career duck walk ikkaku Tommy mocha a lifeless company hola here – aw paya they are reformed anomaly of well one area oh yeah caffeine I knot square what are you okay Polly so much caramel bit you know reduce with a for invectid makalah fine you Muskingum a phone on a low I do anything I'm Kaka square what cooking my way beep your feet oh sorry move move Oh bitch Papa doors also some marker coming up do you – cock up wha da da mama get everybody my foot pick on a guinea fowl a mirepoix are you Marie Oh the Bogata Bogata live under is going on up afar my cocoa mienai keyboardist yes that's what you said slowly man ah come on you push like the color yeah okay so warm up being up in Malibu I said birthday I've seen yeah esa so far yeah this is making a pony height never one must come aunty know there were four thousand by poet I would even welcome for the word for when it sharp or engaged in your he laid over crui affair why sure oh yeah and my last song Maile Ohye there is a merit of Orchestra biography oh hi Coco Coco Osaka Morocco fire BRE Africa Paris Kentucky you know what the Mingo SOT I know Koya hey when we are poor Maharaja raise a baby wife yeah thank God Alistair my guy huh so what do party for more they yeah you get a lot of you got a bit you should do 40-yard some a div I don't forget to another I took Australia to allow few first-timer fermionic domicile not only an email from here for a lava field by Yamato way Malaga feel much who will fight for you more a very big night now fear not madam taro I will add to low level below Asuma to warn family when a lot when I say sube de mogi mirim a gay couple come on yeah sungkyu Maya convey our half you may go now confer find out why miss for your Co on banana give yes yeah but no Fiorello firmly unrelated a poor game by what a few feet so for our relay or alpha miss working are gonna go for the papers about Mallos now parolee lunchroom Remy Ma the plenum is putting on enema move work the Kakaako fishermen oh yes yes Manolo Marissa from we're yeah masala Europa Ravi no había MS our own in Valhalla Fifi una de mo Ferragamo Sapporo farnum's Yoko fue su mo mo mo na da wah wah wah apart Vega karasuma Alabama yo Alessa Abajo por la ooh la la ooh la nueva Recife Lana con la vamos Arriba Omar Mario Martinez el macho filmography hula mobile Manor Abu Musa salvo now prenup wasa a message for Kosovo swallow no Mattie Mattie Martha in avaricum ex-pro the massive environmentally illogical in a la una manera memorial kakuka sorry torah open areas a cemetery Senado Marco swallows la plana was a misfortune our informal America ray Navarro Tomica malaria Musyoka curry acusado Korea see Africa Kosovo fini Kwanzaa machina Reina salerio rockin Eve America Amato – agua Rancic you see Sierra Nevada theorem a possible Varma Molly Mubarak narkom a man versus two malleswari non-economic al khazzani at home right along our motto survival man yahooza de una vaca Cara the lover performers of a panic Muhammad Allah Allah Allah Allah will never ever repeat Pournami oma fella well Roz Kamehameha was Kimura naka de Fe Fe a family while oh oh ha oh Robeson or gaseous yeoman we know many Omaha Wow – ah my yellow Lomonaco loaf our final yama saya let oppa kusa yama llama llama Obama my Laila oh Laila new home Italia for a PKM in a Afiya fuck fo a family walk on a chef go solo Luis Avila mechanically yah you oh my Eliana level o muhammad ali allah only for was only by putana was a nobody pardon akamaru do Miguel romera fiavio Moses de vecinos aku a passport dan wa laka laka booka member poram Roboto sir mu l mahakal otaku alpha pair who solo former navy hace el al alamin are only my all-male member sia la coca cola moco mechanically yah wasa solution Magua l'americano sir otaku for equality fe o muhammad o survival marco a wallet yes Renee Perry kunia Pelle Korea right oh I watch some of camera affirmative [Applause] [Applause] Oh your toes I Oh I [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] lovely I I [Applause] [Applause] you

  • Heart touching episode ..😍😍😍😍😍
    Kele o makua e maga'o e fai le lakou filifiliga mo kakou but sometimes it's not fare for us ..🙄🙄

  • E le se olaga o se makua, o le keige e oga loga olaga. E pule ia i le kagaka e fia gofo ai. O mea ia a kakou makua e le lelei, aua a leaga, e pa'u ia lakou. A lelei foi, e pa'u foi ia lakou. E le'o lakou lea e faaipoipo ile keige o le filifiliga saoloko ga aumai e le Atua ia kakou, e ao oga kakou faaaogaiga, ae le'o le pule o makua e le se la filifiliga e le gogofo laua ma le kama. Magaia kele le aka, ae pau lea o se faikio i mea ia o makua Samoa.

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