Salma Hayek Becomes Marvel's First Latinx & Arab Lead | Latinx Now! | E! News

yes Oh plenty plenty but first during San Diego's comic-con 2019 Marvel revealed that Salma Hayek has been cast as the formerly male character a jack in the MCU is upcoming film the Eternals now this would make some the first arab person to be cast in a main role in a Marvel film you know although many people mainly know her for her Mexican heritage Hayek is both Lebanese and Mexican with her father being born in Lebanon so you know in case you didn't know now you know she posted I'm so excited to join the Marvel family as a Jack the mother of all eternals it used to be the father of already knows but girls this is our time it certainly is for sure all right so how do you guys feel about you know some breaking Marvel history not just as a Latina but also as an Arab yeah right I think it's really cool honestly I think like how you said initially a lot of us know Salma as Mexican but all of us I mean we're all mixed we're not all just pure you know I mean I know my case I'm Nicaraguan Colombian born in Miami and I've always represented more of my Nicaraguan side I'm leaving miss Nicaragua and I was raised with more my mom I mean I was born here but I am super Colombia but you feel Americanized – don't you showing both sides cuz we already know her as just Mexican why can't you just be both because like people I think you're just like so used to see her be like the Latin like woman and power idol whatever but like she can be the same for ABS yeah that's what's happening here I think that obviously the air community is saying hey you know we finally have representations he's huge you know movies the MCU movies so I think it's it's it's a really good moment for the air community and say hey great you know and you find knowledge exactly and and and I think we're gonna get hopefully to a point where we don't have to say the first latina or the first Arab or the first thing and that you are all your roofing like that's it and I find it interesting in her Instagram post she didn't say you know I'm the first Arab to know it she's just I'm happy and I'm excited and she made it more about just women in general that I'm also really excited about the fact that like it was a male role and now a female's gonna be doing it that's right that's what I'm really like I'd anomaly that but all these females now that are coming into Marvel like even with Captain Marvel like at first I was I remember hearing and I was like I don't know if I'm gonna like her to tell you the truth even as a woman I was like no no I was gonna come out and talk about brie Larson yes brie larson sorry I'm sorry Thank You Christian my Marvel exciting video when I watched it I was really excited so now I'm really excited to see Salma dewy and not only just you know acknowledging her Mexican roots but her Lebanese and actually Angelina Jolie was also announced to be in the movie as well so so many amazing casting happening there and yes for the Marvel fans out there we are definitely excited if you want to know about little Zen or the Oscar fashion Megan Marco Omega marquel we always want to know Marco you know what you guys have to do royal press a button that says subscribe easy like not maybe PC


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