Ryonic Robotics on E-News Direct DSTV Channel 403 17 January 2017

and finally a group of South African engineers as contributing to the programming of a NASA space robot yep the team has been selected for the first round of a competition it's a program at the highly sophisticated machine this South African robotics company is taking on some of the world's brightest minds trionic robotics has entered NASA competition to program the space robot r5 the long term goal is to send these humanoid robots to space to prepare conditions for humans or to work alongside astronauts trionic robotics has eight staff members working on the project but they're not doing that full-time we are just allocating a couple hours a day you know week to this project so it is hard because we competing against MIT and you know faces like that you basically they taking on this challenge full-time but we also believe we've got a lot more experience than a lot of things we think we'll do well 400 teams have applied to be part of the competition and 40 have gone through to the first round the team's first task will be fairly simple but by the final round they will need to program the robot to clean up after a virtual reality storm on Mars this is the Ryan acrobatics manufacturing plant it's the first company on the continent to make and program its own robots now these pieces of metal will go on to keep humans safe by doing dangerous tasks and mines or assist in building cars in factories the first round will be completed before the end of this with the final round taking place energy Teresa Taylor Johannesburg

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