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Ryerson University Alumni Achievement Awards 2016

The most exciting part about tonight was being honoured
with so many amazing Ryerson Alumni who’ve accomplished
so much and to see the type of Alumni that Ryerson
produces and just the great things that we’re
doing in the community. LYNN FACTOR:
This program was the start of my career. It’s very exciting to
be back and to see all the wonderful changes here. RUSS HOLDEN:
A night like tonight is good for the Ryerson community in that it
shows how much somebody who maybe is starting
out at Ryerson, how they can succeed,
how they can make a difference. LAWRENCE BLOOMBERG:
To me this event on Ryerson’s calendar is not
about one night. It’s about a tradition
recognizing your vital part at Ryerson University. JUSTIN POY:
To be a Ryerson grad, what it means to me these days,
well first of all I’m very proud. Secondly, I’d like to think that
we are part of a community. ROBERT SCHAUER:
Staying connected keeps me in touch with the students that are
coming out as well as the kinds of things that are
being taught today. TYLER FORKES:
Our alumni are what we produce, they are representatives of
the quality of the Ryerson experience and for us to
take an evening to showcase them is, I think it’s just
a fabulous way to show the growth and evolution of this
place as an institution. ANDREW CIVIDINO:
We’re all Ryerson grads. To be connected to that
and work every day with these people who have become
lifelong friends and collaborators is something
that I will always be grateful for. JUSTIN POY:
Because of Ryerson, I’ve been able to start the
business of my dreams actually. ZANELE MUHOLI:
Because of Ryerson, I was able to produce a
lot of projects that I never thought that were possible. JILLIAN MCKINLEY:
Because of Ryerson that
I’ve been able to take chances in
my career and become an entrepreneur and
own my own business. ANDREW CIVIDINO:
Because of Ryerson, I’m able to live my dream. ♪MUSIC♪

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