Ryan Gosling on taking his mother to award ceremonies – The Graham Norton Show: Episode 13 – BBC One

Everyone on the couch, and when you've been to [ward] shows the officers governor's you've all taken your parents Which is again that seems you know sad for poor you all dude everything, right? I just me that's [not] ryan your mom she I mean I'm sure she likes meeting some buddies But isn't the gift room is really her thing. She enjoyed I Don't want to help my mom like this [I] Will tell a funny story about that picture though Which is that my mom was convinced that year by her friend that beehives were going to be all the rage? He didn't have a beehive you'd feel embarrassed, and it's turned out to be the opposite. It was a natural hair vibe, but And my mom sat in front of Rachel [wide] and her hair was so high that Rachel had to keep My mom from thinking in her chair, and I didn't know what to do because I was you know I just wanted to have a nice night, so I I didn't know meryl streep But she was sitting next to me and I said in a commercial break to would you would you mind just? Telling my mom you like her hair And she was like I got this and then the commercial when she goes do you know I wish I was going to do a beehive and I wish I like [Karen] you know that story [your] mom my mom. Yeah, oh Yeah Good emma your mother does she pretend to not know the famous people or does She just get a bit overexcited and forget [early] off she well I mean that when we the first time I went to the Golden globes just says bring that back around because this year and we were sitting next to now if you know not a fun to talk about but we were talking sitting next to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and She was just asking multiple questions like if they had kids, [maybe] do you know what's it like? I think I had no idea the whole time Welcome to movie Producer I'm [standing] out you just heard [Ed] The year of American sniper [yeah], not use it because I [think] it is a lovely thing [to] take your parent to the office But once the ceremony's over don't you just want to ditch them like it. He goes for the covers go go and I put no Professional party no he came along till 5:00 in the am really dancing a [kyocera] house next to John Travolta doing a poll like wow, very He was great and emotional and was just wept throughout the whole thing yeah, my mom danced with Prince He's it totally taught me I like it. Can we go one better can we go one better? We've got another one You and [Matt] both of your mom's right here to take our [moms], [which] only fueled rumors of our sexuality? we do take our moms who look great in that in that picture and My mom my mother they do a weird thing where like If the oscars they put because they have to rehearse where the shots are going to be in so on a television Business and don't worry about it [like] they put Big-name placards of where so it'll say instead of [Pacheco] because it says Jack Nicholson you know they'll say like Ryan [gosling] whatever and my mom was obsessed by [that] and went around taking pictures of you know [that's] [operator] time yeah, the story about the defendants as well. There's an album now. Yeah

  • "Touching…"
    "You two work in the movie business?"
    "We took our moms, which only fueled rumors of our sexuality at the time "
    "It's television business, don't worry about it"

    You have to admit that Ben Affleck is a great and extremely funny guest.

  • what I know for sure, is that people "with age" refuse the new status imposed to them by societies..
    a person "girl or boy" when they turn 18/20, and start to hear about "responsibility", "you are not a teenager anymore", "don't do that", "can I do that", etc. of bullshit, there is something inside them refusing that, they want to continue to do stuff they love and that make them happy as when they was 15…. as well, when a person turn 30, he still the same as when he was 20… this "teenager" energy still there, but he most deal with his new status of the first steps in maturity…. in 40 the majority of people refuse to act like a 40/50 years old woman/man, even some of them go through a critical period, Regretting that they have controlled themselves too much in their thirties, so they try to recover what they missed, that's why many man/woman at 40 turns crazy, refusing this age, which cruelly reminds them that they are not young anymore (their sexuality is not the same, their status is not the same, their body is not the same, there seduction is not the same, All what they believe they are is not the same anymore)…. many disruptive elements that can trigger or amplify, when they reached the fateful mark of 40-50 years, a deep questioning of oneself.
    Young people see a 60+ years old person as an older different creature, but the truth, those 60 still have this youth, energy, even more than a 40 because they don't give a fu.. anymore to control themselves, they are tired of that so they just let it go, they do what they want when they want without giving a shit about who's watching or what people will say about them… some of Us feel embarrassed when a parent does crazy thing in front of strangers or friends, but the intelligent ones have to enjoy that…
    I just love to see my 72 years old father trying to break dance after a 2 cup of wine at the birthday of his grandchildren, or listening to my mother telling me a story about her for the 150th time without tiring, and with the same energy the first time she told me it.
    I become the happiest man in the world when I am with my parents in a karaoke, and join them to sing super badly their favorite songs.. I do not care at all about the entourage, which preoccupies me the most at this moment is the smile and the happiness my parent release, there's nothing more important to me than this moment.
    we have to remember that one day, we will turn to parents/grandparents, we will get to 40/50 then 60 then 70 and go on…. but the most important thing to remember is that we will lose them one day, and precisely at this sad moment, we will bitterly regret the times where we passed our pride before their happiness, our selfishness and pride in front of others before their pleasure and joyfulness.

  • Ben seems nervous, he was stuttering during his story and his voice felt a bit up and down. Maybe it's just me or maybe he wasn't feeling well that day.

  • I'd like to think that all of the parents hang out with each other, share embarrasing stories and have a fun lot

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