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RWBY Volume 5: Chapter 12 – Vault of the Spring Maiden | Rooster Teeth

♫ Back to the fairytale, back to the show ♫ ♫ Back to the wall and there’s nowhere to go ♫ ♫ Hopeless and desperate, all paths adverse ♫ ♫ Things looking bleak, and they’re bound to get worse ♫ ♫ Helpless and doomed, and there’s no way to win ♫ ♫ Goals unachievable, faith running thin ♫ ♫ Lost and forlorn, impossible odds ♫ ♫ That’s when you’ll learn you’ve been messing with gods! ♫ ♫ Send in your grimm, tear off my limb ♫ ♫ Strike me with bolts of lightning ♫ ♫ I won’t die ♫ ♫ The battle seems unwinnable, but all we need’s a miracle ♫ ♫ We’re going up we’ll never be denied! ♫ ♫ Can’t wish away the dismal days ♫ ♫ Can’t bring back what is gone ♫ ♫ Won’t waste more tears on yesteryears ♫ ♫ Instead we’ll carry on ♫ ♫ We’ll win, we’re sure we will endure ♫ ♫ And though our goal is far ♫ ♫ We’ll be the ones to touch the sun ♫ ♫ The triumph will be ours! ♫ [Jaune (echoing)]: Weiss! [Oscar]: Ruby, get up! Get up! We need you! [Hazel]: You’re lettin’ that boy make a fool of you. [Leo]: That’s not just a boy! It’s Ozpin. He’s already reincarnated! [Hazel]: Ozpin? [Oscar]: Ruby! You- [Hazel]: OZPIN! [Ozpin]: Oh no… [Hazel]: You thought you could hide from me?! You’ll pay for what you did, you’ll die over and over again! [Oscar]: Do- do we fight? [Ozpin]: No, run! [Cinder]: Ozpin is here?! [Raven]: Is that a problem? [Cinder]: I’m not sure, but right now we’ve got the upper hand. Let’s not waste it. Leo! Open the path to the vault! [Nora]: Stop them! We’ve got your team covered! [Emerald]: You wanna get to them? You’re going to have to get through all of us. [Jaune]: Ren, talk to me! [Ren]: This is bad. [Jaune]: No, no, no, no, not again! Weiss, c’mon, please! [Cinder]: Make sure they leave Ruby alive. This won’t take long. [Ozpin]: Oscar. [Oscar]: No! [Ozpin]: Oscar! [Oscar]: I told you, no! [Ozpin]: Please, let me take over! I can handle him! [Oscar]: You told me I needed to fight for myself! So I will. [Ozpin]: This is not your fight! [Oscar]: What does that mean? Why is he so upset with us? [Hazel]: He didn’t tell you my tale, did he, boy? I thought you looked familiar, to think that evil was inside you when our paths first crossed. Your blood won’t be on my hands, it’ll be on his. [Oscar]: What was he talking about? [Hazel]: Tell him, Ozpin! Tell him how you killed her! [Oscar]: Her? [Ozpin]: Gretchen Rainart was Hazel’s sister. Despite her brother’s wishes, she enrolled at Beacon Academy to become a Huntress… …and tragically lost her life on a training mission. Hazel… holds me responsible. Please, let me fight. I know Hazel. He’s wounded in a way that cannot be healed. [Hazel]: You know now! You can forgive me for what I’m about to do. [Oscar]: Did she know? Did she know the risk of being a Huntress? [Hazel]: She was only a child! She wasn’t ready! [Oscar]: She made a choice! A choice to put others before herself! So do I. [Hazel]: Then you’ve chosen death! [Ozpin]: I’m sorry. [Oscar]: What? [Hazel]: OZPIN! [Ren]: She’s hardly breathing. I… I don’t know what we can do… [Jaune]: No, it wasn’t supposed to be like this! Please! We can’t lose anyone else… [Cinder]: Are you nervous, girl? The first Maiden in… – why, I’m not sure anyone knows how many years – …is about to open a vault. I would say it’s quite an exciting time. Don’t you feel honored? [Vernal]: No. I’m not concerned with any of this. All I care about is my tribe – my family. This is a burden, not an honor. [Cinder]: You’ve conditioned her quite well, Raven. [Cinder]: Hm, it’s certainly grander than Beacon’s. I wonder what the extra effort was for. [Raven]: Can we please not linger? [Cinder]: After you. *Weiss gives a series of hiccuping gasps* [Jaune]: Huh? Wha- what’s happening? [Ruby]: Weiss! [Ruby]: What happened?! What’s going on?! [Ren]: I think she’s going to be okay! She seems to be stabilizing. [Ruby]: Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop! [Jaune]: I won’t. [Ruby]: Good. Oscar needs help. [Ren]: I’m on it. [Ruby]: Jaune and Weiss still need cover! [Nora]: No one’s gonna touch ‘em. [Ruby]: Okay. Make it happen, RNJR! [Yang]: Thanks, sis. You okay? [Ruby]: No. I’m angry. [Cinder]: Having fun? [Raven]: Vernal, stay focused. [Cinder]: Oh, come now, Raven, let her enjoy this. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. [Vernal]: How does this work? [Cinder]: Once the Spring Maiden places her hand on the door, …it will open. For you… …and only you. Then I will walk into the vault, and retrieve the Relic. No one else. Is that clear? [Vernal]: Yes. [Raven]: It doesn’t matter to us. Let’s get this over with. [Cinder]: Alright then. Vernal, when you’re ready. [Cinder]: You know, I’ve heard so many stories about you, Raven. They say you’re a cunning leader, that you’re strong, that you’re clever. It’s a shame that they’re wrong… [Raven]: Vernal! [Cinder]: It’s nothing personal, dear. You’re just not worthy of such power. But I am. *Vernal screaming* So I will take… what is mine. Wha- what is this? Where’s the power?! [Raven]: You won’t find it, because Vernal isn’t the Spring Maiden… I am!


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