Ruth Behar Named 2018 Pura Belpré Author Award Winner

hi I'm Ruth Behar and I'm the author of lucky broken girl and I'm thrilled to be the recipient of the 2018 puta bell per day author award I've been asked to talk about getting the call with the news and I have to start by saying I didn't even know that there was this custom of the call so I was out dancing tango that Sunday night it's February 11 and I was at a tequila bar in Ann Arbor Michigan dancing with some friends to some tango music and when I sat down I saw that there were three missed calls from a number I didn't recognize so I said hmm forget it let me keep dancing I kept on dancing when I sat down again the phone was ringing and I thought well okay the phone is ringing this time I'm going to pick it up I pick it up and the person on the other line very friendly voice says Ruth I have some good news for you and I'm thinking mmm what could this be and I moved over to a corner of the room there was still all that bittersweet music playing in the background and she started saying something about the food about per-day award and I thought wow that's amazing wasn't expecting that and I told her well this is for real I'm here dancing tango on a snowy night and she said well I'm so thrilled you're dancing tango because I'm from Quinto scientists I'm from Argentina and I said wow that's great and I'm from Cuba but I love the tango and I went back and kept dancing that night and I went home afterwards and thought this really happened I wasn't sure and it wasn't until the next morning that I saw the broadcast that I realized this really happened and I was so thrilled and so excited it's so amazing that I got the call while I was dancing tango because there's a very important scene towards the end of lucky broken girl where Ruthie who's been in a body cast and unable to move for a year is finally getting up and trying to learn to walk but having a lot of trouble walking on her own and her neighbor Chico invites her to dance Kengo with him and says to her after you dance with me just pretend there's an invisible partner dancing with you and sure enough that's what she does and after the tango she's able to walk on her own so it's a beautiful moment in the book and it's so amazing that I got the call wallows dancing tango so I want to thank everybody on the boot up and put a committee the a la reforma I am so so grateful and everybody who's been so supportive of this book and I want to say that I waited until I could come to New York to celebrate with my family to make this video and I want to invite my husband David my daughter-in-law Sasha happy Aloise Gabriel has been filming this and thank you so much

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