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Running The Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet!

A couple of weeks ago, we met the teenagers who started
the Running Man Challenge. We loved them so much, we sent them to
be our Red Carpet correspondents at the Billboard Music Awards. From Hillside, New Jersey,
please welcome Kevin and Jeremiah. Did you have fun at
the Billboard Music Awards?>>We had a great time. I really did enjoy myself. But the funny thing is,
when we got off the red carpet, the first thing Kevin said to his mom was,
I love Ellen.>>I did say that.>>So, but I just want to say now,
I love you Ellen. And I do, thank you for
that performance that you did.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Thank you. I love you both.>>Thank you so much, thank you so much.>>All right, favorite celebrity? Anybody?>>Well, I met Ariana Grande and
way back in the day, she was on a show called Victorious,
and the first time I saw her, I had a big crush on her,
and I saw her yesterday. So, it was like a dream come true.>>Yeah.>>She probably thinks I’m weird, just-
>>Why do boys do that? And yours? Anybody?>>DJ Khaled.>>Really?>>Yeah. Another one.>>You were Instagramming and at one point
you had like some crazy amount of people watching, 4 million people
watching the Instagram.>>We didn’t even know that.>>No, you all did a good job. Let’s take a look at what happened.>>What’s up guys? Hey Ellen, it’s Kevin and Jeramiah. And now, we’re here on the Billboard
Music Awards on the Red Carpet. Let’s go! Britney Spears! Britney!>>Say hi to Ellen.>>Britney Spears! That was Britney Spears! It was Britney Spears!>>Just like that?>>Just like that
>>So, you guys know who we are?>>Yes
>>This is who we are>>Ohhhh [MUSIC]>>Yes. Yes. So hold up, you all made it, you all are the reason why everyone
around the world is doing it?>>Yeah, basically.>>Did you all get a check from that? Look man, let me be your manager. I could get you some money, man. We gotta capitalize off these things,
you know what I’m saying? We’ll talk off camera.>>We’ll talk off camera.>>All right,
I’m getting kind of nervous now. This is about to be max, what’s going on?>>My God man. I love that.
>>You know us?>>Of course.>>That’s crazy.>>What’s up Allen? Special call out alert.>>Another one. Another one.>>That was DJ Khaled. And my mind is literally blown. [CROSSTALK].>>I don’t really know what to say.>>Try to say that.>>I’m cool. I’m great.
I’m not great.>>I’m not good.>>Okay. I’m gonna ask you a question and you have
five seconds to give me three answers. Name three places you can end
up tonight after the show.>>Five, four, three, two.>>Shake Shack, Waffle House,
Vegas Airport, Cinnabun.>>All right.>>Four, that was four. More, more.>>What are the three
biggest lies people tell?>>Five, four, three.>>I like you a lot, I love you,
I love your song and I know who you are. [SOUND]
>>That was fun.>>I am getting very comfortable. I’m loosening up.>>All right. We’re cool, we’re cool, we’re cool. We’re really cool right now. Rihanna!>>Rihanna!>>Rihanna say hi to Ellen!>>Work, work, work, work, work.>>[LAUGH]
>>That was, Rihanna just said hi to you, so,
>>She looked at me!>>She looked me in my soul.>>She looked at me.>>No.>>[LAUGH]
>>I mean, first thing that comes to mind. First word. Ready?>>On three, one, two, three. Salad.>>Banana.>>[LAUGH]
>>One, two, three.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>One more time, one more time. One, two, three.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>Hello.>>We’re you guys.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Snap.>>How are you doing?>>How are you?>>We’re cool. Hi.>>You guys are so cute.>>Thank you very much.>>Hey.>>My name is Kevin and
I am right next to Ariana Grande.>>Ariana Grande.>>This is a huge deal.>>I’m learning how to
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Yep, there you go. [MUSIC]>>Now, this is a supermodel right here. This is big. This is really big. We’re missing a lot of
days from school for this. So, if you could sign our attendance
up here, that would just be nice.>>That you were missing school?>>Yes. It was very important because I
needed to learn how to dance.>>Yeah, you did need to learn that.>>And he has a be here. [MUSIC]>>Ariana Grande just-
>>All right.>>Ellen can I have a letter of absence
for school next week too, please? Thank you.>>Thank you so much Ellen. You have no idea what this means to me. This is the highlight of my life.>>No, this is the highlight of my life. When I see you, you’re gonna get
the biggest hug you have ever gotten. Trust me.>>Awesome. I mean really. The next time we do something, I want you,
you all are fantastic on the red carpet so, I want to send you
to more things that we do. So every celebrity signed
the excuse letter, bring it out. I’m gonna sign it as well but everybody
signed that thing, so I’ll sign it, so you all should be in good shape.>>All right.>>All right.
>>All right.>>Just like so.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>All right, I want to thank Anne Hathaway,
Steven Tyler. I’ll see you tomorrow,
be trying to win another, bye.

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