RuneFest 2019 – Vote now for the Golden Gnome Awards Winners!

ladies and gentlemen to announce their nominees for the 2019 golden dome awards please welcome please ladies and gentlemen settle down takers welcome one and all to the nomination ceremony for the eighth annual golden dome Awards a celebration of the greatest community in videogames and the chance for us to truly appreciate our wonderful and amazing old school runescape content creators and players the nominees announced here tonight will be open to your vote from the 26th of July until the 1st of August and the ceremony for the golden dome Awards themselves will take place at runefest on Friday the 4th of October at the Farnborough International Exhibition Center now let's hope that the technical problems we had during rehearsals are fully ironed out and we can get straight into the first award category the Video Awards can I please have the number knees for the video awards category thank you very much and the nominees for best new old school runescape video maker bar timmy with the 1 lil smokie only trials and tinea I told you before you you really can't find me at work oh okay yeah what are you in it for best old school runescape video maker but nobody's are ready second lips ocarina rock and easting old school runescape video of the year the nominees are $1,000 Oh srs battle royale by escape the 18 combat fire cake journey by Randy I looked my ultimate Ironman account in mauritania by settled and what latex exposed by lil smokie next up we have the what I can't read the cute um what is that the steaming the steam in the woods a copy the strumming screaming OH this stream yes okay yes of course and could I have the nominees please and also some more meat what what do you mean they don't bloody meat for best new old school runescape streamer the nominees are I either sure I know that name um it's will RS ROI D and exact the companies are Mac mr. model and one more sick guards and congratulations to all our nominees all wonderful content creators make sure you go and go check out their channels check out their videos check out those dreams and with that we come to the final category of the night the autocue is broken now I've lost all Y notes all over the floor so I'm just gonna have to go from memory it's more messed up than a party room in here it's the other one Oh Arthur words that nobody is our sleeper number six one no the seventh sleeper lazy slay well this is gone completely takes up a slipper best artistic creation the nominees are Guha Legion Mixy Mixy major Dixie drop of pizza and cake yes pancake and find the best artist the nominees are rusty Tom Guha Dagmar and onions yes but for the round for all onion face God ladies and gentlemen it's now time for you to have your say and vote for your favorite nominees in this year's golden dome Awards voting closes on the first of August 2019 and the winners will be announced during our grand award ceremony on Friday the 4th October part wolf ours oh right my god that was a travesty well at least it was better than the bloody rehearsals I


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