Royal Goat Farm's Alishaan Wins India's Favorite Goat Award

[Applause] hi welcome to FSA entertainment I am at Royal good fun and this is the first video of FSA goat farming Awards Yamada Pella video here and we're giving away the first award of the choice for India's favourite goat and we have decided to give this award to three goats and this is the first one this happens to be my sentimental favorite as well mainly Roberta do a job Baqarah her age of baccarat is Amna karahi Alishan by fellowes by john Samnang today along with seguida boy who takes care of a leash on the only comfy rose by a job baccarat hay or a job palm here basically upper person shop here but all good from gear on Susannah Jaffa head east Emily shall go it's now a chop boost the other half when I uploaded your video suddenly subscribers Adam shoot up a where baccara may I haven't seen any other gorgeous guy it's not crazy now locust all those so thin so kilo get buff Roca Chris Virata but you cook salty may have a credit nom keu I don't think any other good has achieved that accomplishment or her bar a video darling about mooching a request a TT overall good from Cubs REO Cubs are you Cubs are oh my ex al bhava up K from Cuba or farmer or teaming about the bar around so we're giving away the first award to yo got a leash on Jamaica I hear and may I invite Chevy by to give away the award Chevy by ferrozzo I cube best friend there knows where would you like to open the award sahib rapido your bike Mike why was it masha'allah FS entertainment India's favorite goat awarded to Alicia rose again come little closer here are pillows right hambatadi Amari audience Co what award you're getting from yes favorite this is one of the three in the frame with you [Applause] on this Merrick friend named Majesty the video I use Cavanaugh's to purchase key ideas and developer like okay yato of Navy was sugar a case costing a photographer an equiangular one of your favorite goats a along with a table give us or a car night tiger colossal stuff rock rock rock was also very good but this is the favorite goat of the audience mas inside here make a pole-vaulter naki'o link in my Harbor Jeff Dement staked out they remember it that woman's also said parts of comments at the air obviously those I'll say comments I reggae hum day if I remember September those are America video of an alpha G September October even though Salone I call substance other requests yeah he good funky at the air or hibari gear here Sookie our vajayjays epic ripoff m8 said Kotick hey how does a leash on you know how does this go different from the other Kota 48 your baccarat hat yeah or Baca Kokoda would say Casella here actually we've already a 200-acre it's our Lakes here Gilligan landing any other war job how many audience can we make yogacara see three kids Adobe Riga inshaallah Meritor of sahaja Jovi Rekha the best of the best inshallah congratulations once again to you may be bullish a donkey Apostolou baqara fault ahead now this is not being gay bar eheh Ravi QK mr. Vijay back renege how he award Himani Loco they rehearse your FSS affiliated our gin comer personally they count her a quote from kami a hum egg foetus a token of appreciation this category my frittata hi all good from Kelly I thought the edge O'Hare award yes of say relevant ah so that is why I'm giving a baby award once again congratulations to you token of appreciation I hope you keep it in the farm honest you home so it remembers you key up Ephesus affiliated it thank you so much I had this system the reviewers come on media channel and go to cough or on good form which animal Edition which analysts they do super radical Tao along denies could a chart off most evil India's favorite and it is very well deserving coming to the selling point is it up for sale now no money kill again next year the Cape a lot of money lately can connect any inshallah use hoga grading purpose capability improper skeleton use over these key condition where this automobile building can use Corral fill animal Doka Doka again a semitone is or whenever creare tomoko take Kodak Iranian summer cabbie only again okay vocabulary types Gulabi Tony look at each other let's make it toast each other 2020 maybe I you have the wallet sir I'm a you get the award once again thank you so much thank you

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