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(pulsing drum beat) – Hey what's up? It's Roy Wood Jr.
from the Daily Show. The BET Awards are upon
us, and it's time for me to pick some of the winners. All right, Best Actor? This is a tough one. You got Michael B. Jordan. You got Mahershala Ali. Chadwick Boseman. You got Omari Hardwick. You got Anthony Anserson. But the winner for best
actor has to go for Mahershala Ali, for his
role in The Green Book. Not the movie, the
promotional tour. Did y'all see how
hard he was havin to keep a straight face while people was talking
trash about his film? This is how much
people didn't like The Green Book. Go to the BET website
and look at the pictures they use for all
the best actors. They pulled a
picture of Mahershala from True Detective! He won an Oscar
for The Green Book and we was still like, "No, y'all use the
picture from HBO." Now, Tiger Woods should
be Sportsman of the Year. He won The Master's
at 43 years old. Honestly, he should get an award just for being on his
feet for eight hours without his knees acting up. Hell, I called it
crap playing 2K. Tiger Woods should be
Sportsman of the Year. But he was kickin'
it with Trump! Twice! They went and played golf, and Trump gave him an award. You can't get an
award from Trump and then go get a BET award. You gotta give the award for Sportsman of the
Year to Kevin Durant. This man is injured
for the next year, because he went out on
the court, already hurt, to be with his brothers. That's how bad Kevin Durant wanted to shut up Drake. Best Female Hip Hop Artist. You got Nicki. You got Megan Thee Stallion. You got Cardi B. You got Lizzo. And I know everybody
loves Megan right now. Megan Thee Stallion
is killin' the game. Rappin'. Flow. Twerk. All that. But it's only one
person in this category that can rap, twerk
and play the flute. Lizzo. Lizzo is the only
rapper right now that could quit rap, and join a philharmonic
symphony orchestra. You got to have back
up plans, children. Best Female R&B Artist. This is another
loaded category y'all. Ella Mai. Teyana Taylor. You got SZA. Yo, you wanna do something fun? Write S-Z-A on a sheet of paper, hand it to an old
black person over 70. See how long it take
'em to pronounce it. Sizll? Siz- Sizah? Sa- Sazzle. Sazone? Boy this ain't no
real damn name. The amazingly talented
Solange Knowles is also in this category. And Beyonce! Why is Beyonce still bein'
nominated for for awar- Yo, at this point,
Beyonce should just have her own category,
that only she can win. And the trophy should
be called The Beyonce. And the award for Best
Beyonce goes to … Beyonce! What a surprise! The Young Stars
Award is an amazing part of the BET awards program, because it highlights the future of black Hollywood. Lyric Ross from This is Us, making us cry every week on NBC. Miles from Black-ish. The homie Caleb from
Stranger Things. Anybody could win this category, except for Michael
Rainey Jr. playin' Tariq on Power. You know you a good child actor when black people wanna
give you a whoopin' in real life. He be talkin' back to his
mama, an everything, man. Dat boy! That damn boy. But man, it's gotta
be Marsai Martin. Young mogul in the makin'. The youngest executive
producer in the history of Hollywood. Which means she's
gonna be pitching numerous television shows
for decades to come. Which means, Miss Martin
if you watchin' this, um, it would be an honor to – Best Group! Migos. I love the Migos. I wish everybody
talked like the Migos. It makes everything
sound more fun. Your doctor could give
you some terrible news, it sound like "Walk
it like I talk it." You got blockage
– in yo – colon. Blocka – Blockage
– in yo – colon. Blockat ya! Ya! Ya! Ya! Best R&B Artist has
to go to John Legend. And I'm not just saying this 'cause I wanna be friends
wit him and Chrissy. When John Legend be
singin' 'bout racism, it make you wanna
move your bottom lip. (warbling) ♪ Glory! ♪ Glor-r-rrr- ry. ♪ I like to do the racism song. I like the song about romance. Yo, fellas. If you wanna impress your girl, just in the middle
of talking to her, make a John Legend noise. (off key) ♪ Hoa! Hoa yay. But for real John Legend, I just wanna come to one of you birthday parties, man. Just whatever I can do. I'll play the piano. I'll take piano lessons, learn how to play the piano. Then play the piano
at you birthday pa- (warbling) ♪ ayuh uh, uyuoo. That's all the nominees I have time for today, y'all. The BET Awards are this Sunday at 8 o'clock live on BET. Y'all be sure to tune in. (off key) ♪ Hayu- (lively music)


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