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Rooster Teeth Entertainment System – Coming Soon!

[Rooster Teeth Intro] [Narrator] This is Colton Dunn, writer, actor, lover You’ve seen what he’d do for a million dollars [Colton] Shhhh [Narrator] You’ve seen him help X-ray and Vav [Flynt Coal] Any sign of ’em? [Narrator] You’ve seen him pull a sausage out of his pants [Colton] I need you to take this turkey sausage to my wife Give it to her. Long, hard and deep [Narrator] And you’ve seen him run at super-speed… [Colton] Watch me! [Narrator] … for a little bit [Vomit] Now see him host a new show, this fall, only on Rooster Teeth! Comedy! Games! Music! Life! This is Colton Dunn… … and he’s coming! [Colton] I’m sorry, whaddu’ you say? [Narrator] And he’s coming! [Colton] Gross [Narrator] Rooster Teeth Entertainment System, hosted by Colton Dunn, coming this fall! [Colton] Oh yeah baby!


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