who's at the airport it's just gonna be your first flight yeah that is [Applause] what is going on everybody it is bang and we are flying to Los Angeles if this Brookes first time on a plane and the first-class tickets for only $200 more than the regular so we booked it and we are going to now see what it's like to have a one-year-old first class going Los Angeles challenger game gonna be sick current airport status dinner TGIF the lens is messed up apparently how you feeling why is it look like you're uh you're glowing off your bottle there oh god maybe the coolest thing I've ever seen in an airport is a gaming station where you can like play games / watch streams /white alright room tour with the baby heck yeah we got a doobie over there we've got our parking place set up with another mattress from the couch underneath it because it just works two reasons better getting correct we got the TV some stuff from there all the baby stuff and the office this is another Embassy Suites you stayed on Mondays you would have seen it in our piece is gonna do it for me you discover from you film this looks like I mean this is obviously not as fancy like it when you got a kid stuffs everywhere stuffs everywhere isn't it Bubba but you come in you got this area this is why we do this so that he can have like his own room so we have like a suite so that we can have his own room so this is where we're staying but it be but a boots cap and as you can see we Ricky and Lucy did it because we were so tired were like I don't want to be woken up by you you don't want to be woken up by me out here is love you we're stayed by the airport because we're gonna have to get up early it was already a situation to try to get him whenever we got here at like 10 o'clock on a shovel and over here it is even more crazy so we're driving over to Long Beach but this is like it I don't know if this actually opens I'm kind of scared I'm afraid of heights oh my god it goes huh we're gonna go ahead and lock that but we've got a little you know like vanity or more whatever they called it here we got our beds and then this time around it's actually pretty nice the bathroom here it's just right here inside the bedroom last time I was outside the bedroom so it made it kind of hard to like not wake up rook over in there but this is the bathroom you know just your typical words even the light she's your typical you know toilet you got yourself a bathtub you got yourself a vanity area and there's me hey guys here when you order energy drinks r2d2 brings them to you I don't know if you should come out here I know it's pretty crazy it's pretty crazy but I don't know if should come out here this is crazy pardon me and look he just comes to your door is comes to your door all right so after a handy Hill home evening of traveling which it took like 30 minutes to get on the shuttle after he was already so tired from falling asleep in the last like 15 minutes of first class which people were very nice by the way they were like oh you guys are doing so great don't even worry about it he barely threw any fits but it took forever to get on the shuttle to get back to the place where we were getting our rent-a-car which we have a rent-a-car right here as you can see I think it's an Infiniti and I've gotten Bubba in here with me we're about to head over the race he's just chillin hi there hi Mary sanim apply outfit I love papa besides that he's been doing great we had breakfast here we decided to stay in Los Angeles and so now we're driving over to Long Beach which they only take 30 minutes of the traffic apparently is ridiculous I don't know if that's exactly gonna take place they spotted me in 100 meter I think I got an email from them and I said that they wanted to know like a blurp about me and I don't know why but I still feel like I'm gonna be like the joke of it all because like I'm pretty positive I'm the oldest person like most of the girls are like 18 or 24 or something like that so we'll see how it goes right now just sit here mom Easy's sitting the mom use these waiting for Dubey to bring down the shoulder and we're heading Bubba you just got to meet your very first side man how do you feel like it's tough gizelle it's an easy gift it's Manny you didn't even give him a fist bump you just mean mug them thank you how rude of you how rude of you in front of us is apparently a wild bradley martyn who dad oh my god we already explained he's the huge bodybuilder dude over there are you gonna go sit next to them no problem so not lounge life LP too hot though and I'm chasing Rickster everywhere no papa hello hello is that say you baby how you feelin right now I think I'm gonna do you're gonna do excellent how are you gonna place is a different story I'm gonna pee myself not so you're gonna do great but we notice how it's gonna turn out how it's gonna shake up I need something to snack on that's a big yes I mean that's a big need that you need a huge snick right now a huge snack but not as much liquids yeah yeah he's telling me how to do things how do we do things we got our challengers outfit on I got my number number 142 these girls look like they're in shape I'm gonna do you're gonna do good yes [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] actually don't know who my real April's gonna be my big guy girls might be what's up Justin and maybe another girl probably [Applause] hello there he goes starting his own race you barely see her there she is at the very end Oh God just to stretch it right there home good stretch Jessie number one we got lane number nine thanks Laura dy Taylor Alicia odd summer Kinsey snow Charlie Jordan Jennifer umas bras is in the building and we got ila Woodruff ladies you guys ready to race oh you're the first of the women's 100 meter dash guaranteed if you're in Vegas right now put your money on Charlie Jordan it's a guarantee there's a Charlie Jordan is in lane for ourselves watch the middle lane summer-rae and Charlie Jordan the starts gonna be the utmost importance and here we go charge or it's Charlie George I think she said running in the wrong heat we need to put my god Charlie Jordan Michael Jordan Wow that girl is a freaking lightning bolt way too easy right there I mean let's be honest who's gonna compete and she ran a 12.94 on the hundred and she's gonna take home gold right there my god and she said the first thing she says is good job guys what a sport that's the sportsmanship you all want to see out of these competitors but then again I'm sure it is pretty easy to say good job guys after you absolutely smoke everyone at your Heat absolutely incredible just right after stripe of pure fury fire burning like a gas powered steam train coming down the track and really nice for Amal then finishing or run from the get-go and then a maintaining acceleration good top speed there and like you said you're picking them but we're gonna go to Shannon with the winner right now Shannon what do you got sick okay how'd you do not last second to last huh currently there's an event going on right now is that the 1600 yeah kiss gives it there is right there I'm the only female in the long jump which makes me think does that mean that I get gold medal we're gonna get a gold medal guess I'm the one and only people apparently people get robbed a lot of year at the Taco Bell they've got this little thing where they're gonna give us food through this little slaw here and just like that I am home in my backyard and man whoa 100 meter not hundred meter know how I got 100 meter what am I talking about I'm so like tired I don't know what it is um Long John champion here you girl things that was actually a really fun event I know a lot of people are giving a lot of tip about like all there was a lot of people in the stadium and all that kind of stuff but she do have to realize it was like three weeks of preparation so I'm not gonna give a whole lot of heat for that I had a lot of fun I think it was crazy that many entertainers showed up in that little amount of time like I had a great time I actually met oddly I know I've made videos and I've done like you know reactives from the Logan Paul stuff and I met him while I was there and he was probably one of the nicest like I literally just saw him for a second and he was like Jessie and like gave me a hug and said hi to my son and so like maybe one of the more nice people I've met on YouTube generally I did not meet Jake and all even though he was there I don't know what to say for him I have no idea what he was like he was around you know but it didn't have the time there's a lot going on so that was the time to even go up to him I was too busy trying to figure out my own stuff but I got to meet a lot of other people there Tina Fox another person I reacted to his videos really really nice guy in real life there's a bunch of different people a bunch of the girls were awesome and it was a really good time I had a great trip I loved it hopefully I'll get to be you know I've got to defend my long jump my long jump championship so maybe I'll be in the 2020 ones when they do that and hopefully it'll be just as exciting that's gonna be able to blog here I'm tired rooked it amazing on the trip home the people actually in first class said he needs to have like an award for the 14 month old best baby on a plane like people were astonished with how good he was I was too like he fell asleep and everything and he does not fall asleep in my arms he did that's gonna be up this video here today your girl's tired hopefully we'll have another vlog out within the middle of the week sometime I can't even talk anymore bye guys I love y'all hit the thumbs up button if you enjoyed the vlog and I'll see you guys later bye everybody


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