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Romina watches as Daniela gets arrested by the police | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Dad, wherever you are… I hope you’re happy… …to see us together now. Despite of the recent struggles
in the company, on your birth anniversary, may we all be reminded of your hard work
and dedication. And that we all
remain loyal to Camila Sardines. This is what Robert wanted. To be with his family on one of the most
important days of his life. So thank you so much
for joining us today. Wherever Robert is
right now, I’m sure he’s happy
and at ease because we’re all
together now. To the most amazing man
in the world… Happy birthday, Dad. Cheers to Robert! Happy, happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Time to eat! Let’s go. What a meaningful speech,
Daniela. I hope you got
the message, Mr. Torre. Of course. That’s what I’m telling you. Romina is already
waging a war. If you want our support, we need assurance that
you can defeat her. I’ve been through a lot,
Mr. Torre. But I am a Mondragon. Just like the company, sometimes we fall, but we always rise. We fly, and we conquer. Where is it? At the back of that. Positive, sir. These are what
we’re looking for. Baby girl, let me get
food for you. No, let me do it. I’ll do it. No… I can do it. I can manage. What’s with you two? Mama… Dear. Thanks for doing this,
Mama. It’s like Daddy
is still with us. Because we still celebrate
his birthday. Your dad is watching
over us, dear. He’s always here beside us. That’s also what I think, Mama. I love you, Mama. I love you too. Romina. I got an e-mail
from Camila. They’re also celebrating Robert’s birth
anniversary there. It seems like they
haven’t deleted me from their list of invitees. Bernard… Robert is Daniela’s father so let’s just
let them celebrate his birth anniversary too. I’ll go ahead. Excuse me. Hello? Mrs. Mondragon. It’s confirmed. We found the contrabands
here at Camila. Alright, I’ll go there. Where are you going, Ma? To Daniela. The police are about
to arrest her for the contrabands
found at Camila. Just stay here, okay? Mama, wait… I’ll come with you. Thank you so much
for celebrating Dad’s birthday with us. No worries, Daniela. – We’ll go ahead.
– Alright. – Daniela, I’ll go ahead.
– Yeah, bye. Good job!
I knew you would deliver. Daniela. What are you doing here? You’re not invited
to Dad’s party. Get out. Ate Daniela, it’s
Daddy’s birthday. Please don’t fight with Mama. Cassie, we could’ve done that. But you just had to
show up here. We don’t have to throw
a grand celebration for Robert’s birthday. But here you are
splurging your money instead of saving your
company from sinking. Let me stop you there, Romina. Did you just barge
in here to disrespect me? On Dad’s birthday, no less? Get out of here. In the first place, you
shouldn’t even be here. I only went here
to remind you, and I want to see what will
happen next for myself. What? What’s going on here? Mrs. Bartolome… we found illegal contraband
substances in your factory. We would like to invite
you to the precinct. Excuse me. Mom, what’s going on? I don’t know, baby. Please come with us. I’m not going anywhere because I don’t know anything
about those illegal substances. We can’t let you do that. I knew it!
This is all your doing! I knew it! You want to
bring down my company! I’m not bringing down
anything, Daniela. You can even say I’m
trying to save Camila. Stop it with your
messiah complex! You don’t have any right
to my company! Face your charges first
before you say that. Now, say cheese. What are they doing here?! – Ma’am, come with us.
– No! Savannah, take care of Marga. Get those cameras off my face!
Get away from me!


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