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Romina, umeksena sa problema ni Daniela | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Will somebody explain to me
what happened?! Why are there many winners?! Isn’t it very clear that there
should only be one winner?! Is nobody going to talk?! Ma’am, our IT’s at fault. They encoded it wrongly
on the system. Well then, tell that person to pay for the prizes of
all the winners! I don’t care if he has to sell
all of his internal organs! We’ve always done
these promos, right?! Even back when Dad
was still here! Why did this happen?
Why did they make a mistake?! Daniela… …our employees from back then
are already gone. Where are they? Bring them to me and
let them explain! Daniela, have you
already forgotten? All of them already went
to Romina. This is her fault. She’s stealing
skilled workers from us, which is destroying
our company, and now all that’s left are
these useless buffoons! Mrs. Bartolome, the Board
is looking for you. Tell them to wait in
the meeting room. They’re not in the meeting room,
Ma’am. They’re at the lobby together
with the promo winners. Jepoy called me. There’s a commotion
in front of Camila. What happened? They held a promo,
but there was a huge mistake. Now, many people have come
to claim millions of money. What’s Daniela doing? She still hasn’t come out, but I’m sure she’s
losing her mind trying to get out
of this mess. You look happy, Ate. Prepare our products. Where are we going? To Camila. This is our chance
to get ahead of Daniela. Then I’ll go prepare the car. Thank you. I’m sure Daniela didn’t
expect this kind of problem. And she won’t see us coming. I’m sure you’re
tired of waiting. Take this. Romina Sardines! Always ready to comfort
you when you’re down. Daniela, you need
to face them. You are the face
of the company. You need to solve this
before this makes the news. We need to contain
the situation. I’ll have this under
control in no time. There’s no problem
I can’t solve, no matter how big it is. You can see we won. What’s the hold up? We won! Romina Sardines. Yes. Romina, what are
you up to again? Daniela, I’m just
trying to comfort the people you’ve
inconvenienced. You better not run away
from your responsibilities. They’ve been waiting
here for a long time. Are you going to
pay them or not? Listen up, everybody! Our company is trying
to resolve the matter. But don’t worry. Rest assured, you will be
able to claim your rewards. Yes! Thank you! Thank you, ma’am! Again, we will
resolve the matter. And we’ll give you updates. But for now, you may leave
the company premises. Thank you for
your cooperation. Thank you. Thank you. It’s nice to know
you have integrity. But it looks like it’s going
to cost you quite a lot. Before you start meddling
in other people’s problems, try solving your
own problems first, especially since there’s a
criminal in your company. What are you talking about? Clearly, you’re clueless again. And it seems like your
business partner hasn’t told you
the truth yet. Let me break it to you. Leon Herrera is a murderer! He’s a criminal! See, Savannah? My idea worked. Romina won’t be bothering
us a for a while. Congrats, Dani Girl. But don’t celebrate
just yet. We already consulted
our lawyers about our problem. And we need to
pay the winners, or else, they can sue us. Money isn’t a problem. Make sure they all get paid.


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