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Romina, sinabihan si Marga sa kanyang pakikitungo kay Cassie | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

– Mom!
– Take care of Marga. Get these cameras off!
Get away from me! Now, I will run down
some facts to you. Regardless of what
happens after this, the authorities will
have to shut down Camila. You will lose value with
your shares here in Camila. You will lose millions. And the value of your shares
in the company will go down. Now, tell me. Can Camila still survive under
Daniela’s administration? So, what do you want,
Mrs. Mondragon? I want to help Camila. Give your shares to me. Give it to you?
Are you serious? Yes. And in exchange for that, I will give you shares
in my company. With our current status, we projected a 30% increase
in Romina’s value. And you’ll be there
to reap its benefits If you will accept my offer. So… Do we have a deal? Cassie, are you okay? I just remembered Daddy. We used to spend a lot of time
together in his office. Ate still hasn’t
thrown this away yet? What’s that? It’s a chess set, Ninang. Daddy and I used to play this while waiting for Mama
to finish with work. He taught me how to play this. What are you doing here?! Get out! Now! – Marga, let go of Cassie!
– Marga, stop! I’m warning you! Oh, you can try. You had Mommy arrested and
now you’re going to hurt me? Do you want me to
press charges? Marga, no one
wants to hurt you. I just want to visit
Daddy’s office. What for? What more do you want? You’re rich now, right? You even have
your own company! Stop forcing yourself
into our family. Just stay the hell
away from us! After everything
you’ve done to us, trust me, we’d rather have
nothing to do with you! Then why not?! Because of Daddy! Do you really think
he’d like it if everything he worked hard
for comes crashing down?! My God, Cassie. Cut the crap. Why can’t you accept
that you’re just adopted?! You are not a real Mondragon. Don’t act like you’re
part of our family. – Marga!
– Get your hands off her. Stop this.
You’re going too far. Marga, can’t you see what’s
happening to your family? You’re slowly falling apart. Do you know why? Because you and your
mother are evil. Marga, you still have
time to change. Or else you’ll regret
all of this in the end. And stop hurting my daughter. My patience is running thin. Let’s go, Cassie. Hey, do you have drugs? Sell us some. What did you say? Stop acting innocent, Marga. We all know what your
family’s business is. You’re selling drugs, right? What the hell?! Where did that come from?! Duh! It’s all over the news. Just kidding. Well, it’s not funny. What’s happening here? Marga’s such
an in-denial queen. The whole world knows that your family’s not
only selling sardines. So that’s why they’re so rich. Sardines isn’t
your only product. They’re selling
sardines with a twist. It’s so good,
you’ll get high. How dare you! Hey! Leave her alone! Or I’ll report you
to your teachers. – Fine
– Whatever.


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