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Romina, pinayuhan si Daniela sa pagbagsak ng kanyang kompanya | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

– You have a 9AM appointment.
– Alright, thank you! And don’t forget, you have
a meeting after lunch with the potential importers. Oh, right. Thank you Anyway, I just need
to get something. Romina! How dare you spread rumors that
my company is going bankrupt! Why are you mad at me?
I just told them the truth. I’m just trying to save
them from your lies, so don’t vent your
anger out on me. You should be
mad at yourself, because it’s your fault
your company is sinking You really are
enjoying this, huh? I will never give you
that satisfaction, because no matter
what happens, Camila will always
be number one. Your company will
never be a threat to me. Keep on barking, Daniela. Because I know that
deep in your heart, you’re starting to be scared. You’re shaking
in your boots, because you know that
I will be surpassing you soon. But I am still merciful, so I will understand
your situation. I will let you sell one of
your properties to me. I know you’re
looking for a buyer. Over my dead body, Romina. I will never accept
any money from you. I’d rather sell my properties
to a cockroach than you. And I’m sure your properties
will be infested with cockroaches soon enough, once your company
goes bankrupt. It’s your call, Daniela. My money will be
very useful to you, but if you really
don’t want it, then get out of my face, because I am
a very busy person and I have a company to run. – Dani girl.
– Yeah? You have a call.
It’s Alvin from city jail. He said it’s urgent. Just talk to him.
He won’t stop calling. What do you want? Are you avoiding me? In case you’ve forgotten,
you owe me a lot. I didn’t put you
in that situation. I never forced you
to take the blame. And I didn’t rat you out. That’s why we should
work together. Get me out of here. Alvin, I have so much
on my plate right now. I can’t deal with you. Your brother’s there, right?
Pester him instead, not me. And don’t you ever
call me again. Looks like Romina’s not
your only problem now. When will you catch a break? Savannah, I’m more concerned
about Romina than Alvin. She’s doing this on purpose, and she won’t stop until she
takes me and my company down. She’s driving me crazy! Relax, Daniela. That’s not good for the baby. Breathe. Think. Savannah, no one
can know that the company is
having problems. So what will you do? Dad’s birthday is coming up. We should use that opportunity
to show everyone that the company is
completely okay. We should plan a party. Image is everything. That’s my forte. Don’t worry about it. Leave everything to me. Attorney, is this urgent? Unfortunately, yes. This is about Mrs. Galvez’
embezzlement case. What about it? She stole a lot of money
from the company. Many people were affected
by her embezzlement. You have to replace
the money she stole before the issue blows up, or else we’re all
going to court. What? I need to get some money. I won’t let this problem
blow up on our faces. If I have to make a sacrifice
to save the company, I will. I will have to liquidate
my properties.


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