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Romina, ipinamukha kay Daniela ang kanyang karapatan sa mansyon | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

What do you think
you’re doing here? I’m taking back my house
from you, Daniela. Your house? Yes. It’s my house. Nanny, kindly set
up our rooms. Don’t you dare take another
step inside my house. Why? What will you do? You’re only squatting
in my house. You’re pushing it, Daniela. You have no right
to be here. That’s where you’re wrong. Because I am the
rightful owner. Robert left me this house. And I am the one and only,
Mrs. Mondragon. Why’d you allow
them to come in? Better get them out now if
you don’t want to get fired. I’ll call the cops. Go ahead. And I can charge you
with trespassing. What are you
waiting for?! Drag her out of
here if needed. What if I drag
you out myself? Romina, please stop! Don’t tell me what to do! You know we have every
right to claim this house! Has your wife’s greediness
rubbed off on you? You finally admitted it. You’ve always been after
my family’s fortune. Are you seeking for a
return of investment? Romina, please don’t
cause trouble. Did I start this? I’m just putting an end
to your wife’s craziness. Better not make a
scene, Daniela. If you insist on
fighting Romina, the court will freeze
the house as well. You’ll both get
kicked out. I’d rather die than
let this woman live in my parents’ house! I’ll be sure to serve
coffee during your wake. And don’t worry, I’ll get you
the most expensive coffin. I won’t let you stay here. It’s not your
decision to make. You want to bring
this to court? Go ahead. But we aren’t
going anywhere. We lost our home. You burned it
down, remember? What stunt are you
trying to pull? Why am I not surprised
you’re accusing me again? And as always, you don’t
have any evidence again. Are you sure? Because I’m sure
you were behind it. Neil… Get our stuff. I will never back down. What the hell do you
think you’re doing? – Put those back!
– Sit back and watch! What are you saying? Daniela! Daniela, stop it! Your reign of
terror is over. Now that I’m back, you need
to return my golden crown. Golden? Copper’s
more like it You really are delusional. Romina, do you really
need to do this? Your wife almost fed me
to the dogs, Carlos. I’m actually being nice,
all things considered. If you don’t want trouble,
tie up your wife. I think she’s worse
than your guard dog. She might bite. She’s frothing
at the mouth. Looks like she has rabies. Neil, tell Nanny Esther
to bring back everything they took out. And tell her to hire
back all the helpers. And who said you
could hire them back? Are you still
confused, Daniela? I thought you were smart? I call the shots
in my house. I get the final say. You can’t force me to leave. I can make your
life here hell. And in the end, you’ll pack
your things and leave. Then be my guest, Daniela. I will let you stay here. Let’s see if you can
live under one roof with the person whose
house you burned down. I don’t know what
you’re talking about. Romina, please don’t
make false accusations. Let’s see if she can
prove her innocence. Ma’am Daniela! There are police downstairs! Would you look at that?
Karma is really swift. Go on, Ate.
I’ll take care of this. I already put everything Daniela placed in the storage
room back where they belong. Thank you, Nanny Esther. I just want everything
back in place. I want the house back
to how Robert left it. So we could at least feel
that he’s still with us. Why, Nanny? I’m just worried, Romina. Your fight with Daniela
is getting worse. I won’t let Daniela
step on me anymore. I can’t just let her walk away after everything she’s done
to me and Cassie. If she crosses me again,
I will fight back. If that’s the only way
to make her realize that the person
she’s stepping on can rise up and fight back. Ma? Dear, your things are
already in your room. You can rest there now. But that’s Marga’s
room now, Mama. Dear, it’s your room. Your Dad and I bought
everything in there for you. If anyone should be using it,
that’s you. But that will only make
Marga even angrier at me. Ma… Dear, we’re in the middle
of a war right now. You’re just claiming
what’s rightfully yours. You have nothing to
worry about. I’ll protect you from Daniela. I’m just doing what your
Dad would’ve wanted. There’s nothing wrong with
fighting for your rights. Cassie, I promise you, we will never leave
this house again. Hello, Bonita? How’s everything there. We have a big problem, Romina. Kulas convinced our neighbors
that the fire was your fault. I’ll talk to them. Romina, they’re still furious
after what happened. Bonita, I’m ready
to face them. What happened
wasn’t my fault. I’m ready to face them.


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