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Romina at Leon, ginamit si Felix para makuha ang kompanya kay Daniela | Kadenang Ginto

Almost all of them have
accepted your offer, Romina. Well, that’s enough to
take over the Board. Romina doesn’t want to
take over the Board. She wants to take
the whole company back. Right, Romina? Leon’s right. Bernard, this is the only way I could think of to
take the company back. I can’t take Camila
back completely if Daniela still has
rights to the company. It might completely
go bankrupt. But we all know that’s
not going to be easy. He’s right, Ate. Daniela will never
sell her shares to you. Oh, I know she will, and I’ll do everything
to make that happen. Just tell me how
I can help, Romina. We know Daniela. She will never accept defeat. I won’t allow everything
Robert worked hard for to come crashing down just because of her
negligence and selfishness. Can we talk? About what? About you inciting Romina. Inciting her? Why are you pushing Romina
to go against Daniela? I’m just supporting Romina. We both know what
Daniela did to her. You’re a lawyer. You know the value of justice. What are you doing over there? We’re just talking. Do you need anything? I’m thinking of how I can make
Daniela sell her shares to me. Have you thought
of something? Romina, I’m sure Daniela will
never sell her shares to you. She might not
sell it to Romina, but she might sell it
to someone else. What do you mean? Why don’t you have someone
buy them for you? Someone she doesn’t know. Someone we could trust. Hi, is the boss there? You called for me, boss?
What’s up? I’m sorry… …but Daniela can’t
get stressed right now. She almost had a
miscarriage yesterday. We understand, Mr. Bartolome. However, your wife is
the CEO of the company. There are responsibilities
that she must face. Why doesn’t she assign
someone to replace her if she still needs to rest? It’s okay, Carlos. – But the doctor said–
– Carlos. I can’t just abandon
the company. It’s fine. This’ll just
take a moment. The press is
all over us right now! How did Camila
become a drug den?! What are we going to do
about it, Daniela? Nothing. Bad publicity
is still publicity. What matters is that
the police know we had nothing to do with it. The factory’s on lockdown while
the investigation’s ongoing. The other shareholders
are starting to panic! Tell them everything is okay. – I’ll fix this.
– Are you sure? Can you really do it
in your present condition? If I don’t, I will
step down as your CEO. We don’t have that much
time, Daniela. I hope you understand. We’ll give you another chance. But don’t forget our deal. I have this under control. Thank you for your visit. Hello? I need to apply
for a loan. You already have
a bad credit rating. It won’t be easy. Then use my house as collateral. I’ll have the papers ready. Are you sure? I’ll get it back in no time. Just make sure I get that loan. Daniela? Are you okay? Yeah, I’m fine. I told you not to talk
to those people. I’m fine. As long as I’m with you,
I can handle anything. I heard you’ll use
the house as collateral. Temporarily. This is the only property
I have left, Carlos. I’ll get it back after
I solve Camila’s problems. What if you can’t
pay them back? I can pay. You’ll see. Hello? Who’s this? Felix Dimagiba. And I’m willing to help
your company. Let’s meet. Felix, I’m really sorry
you have to do this. Daniela will never
accept defeat. This is the only way
I can save Camila before it completely
shuts down. It’s alright, Miss Beautiful.
I’ll do anything for our boss. Are you ready? Have you memorized
your lines? Well, I haven’t
told you about this, but I was part of the theatre
guild when I was in college. This is a cakewalk for me. Boss, what if they
ask me questions that aren’t on the script?
What will I say? If you don’t know the answer,
fire the question back at them. Just stay in character. Do you think
our plan will work? Leon, Daniela’s in
dire need of money now. She’s desperate because
she’s not used to losing. She’s only thinking
about herself now, so I’m sure this will work.


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