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Romeo & Cymphonique Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey it’s Shira Lazar backstage at the Grammys. I’m with the music family, Romeo and Cymphonique, which I love that. Thank you. I love that name and we actually met before. Yeah. I saw you perform. We actually got married in Vegas too. You don’t remember? No. Come on now. Now I remember. Thank you, come on. And so what brings you guys to the Grammys here? You know, we’re just here to support and
we just came because we love music and there’s lots of great acts here and we
just can’t wait to watch the performances. And she’s the future, you know, she’s gonna be
winnin’ a lot of these Grammys and I got a lot of new music coming out
too. I got a song with Taylor Swift, Kanye, Sean Kingston. So it’s gonna be a very good year next year, but we just came here to support and just
to get her prepared for next year too. So when are we gonna be able to here
this music? Is it out now, the album? You can hear a little bit on YouTube, but
the album is coming out in 2011 along with my Nickelodeon TV Show and February seventeenth the whole family is on the Moinque Show so you guys can catch us there. Yeah, catch us there with
live performances and new music. You hear it first there. And when’s your new song coming out? My new
song comes out in two weeks. It’s called “Rocket”, featuring Gucci Man and we got a song with Chris Brown coming out too, the next single. So, it’s going to be a real busy year for the Millers. She’s got a new TV show so people don’t know, she
was little when I had my show on Nickelodeon. She’s gonna be the new face of Nickelodeon with her new show. How exciting. It’s going to incorporate a lot of music
in there. Well, it’s great seeing you guys again. Nice seeing you too and you need to go see
my new movie too. It comes out Mothers Day. Oh, okay. “Jumping The Broom” I keep forgetting about that. Come on now. There’s too many things to remember. We got married,
now you’re forgetting to see my new movies. I’m just trying to stay humble, okay. I’m gonna have
to give you a new ring or something, huh? I know, where’s my bling? Alright guys, you’re great, so sweet. Appreciate it. We’ll let you go. [laughter] @romeomiller is my twitter. Holler at me. [laughter] You’re so cute. Turbo Tax is the official sponsor of YouTube’s Grammy Live and Grammys on AOL.


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