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Rock Mafia Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey, I’m Shira Lazar backstage at the Grammys brought
to you by Turbo Tax with Rock Mafia. What’s up? I feel like getting really hardcore with that name. You like that? I do. You like the swag on that? What’s so cool about you guys is that you
worked with, you know, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey and then you came out with this crazy song, “The Big Bang”, yourself. Right. Tell people how you’ve evolved as a group. Well really for us it’s all about the love
of music and working with artists and fulfilling your vision. That’s really kind of
in our mantra that we’ve done and then something happened one day we walked in the studio and something magical happened with a song and I
went into the booth and we started singing it and we were like; we should put
this out. We should just share it with people, connect with people from kind of an artist front. You know what I mean? But really it’s still the same thing. And everyone sort of came together, like the director
and we were working with Miley at the time on “Can’t Be Tamed” and she was like, I love this song. This
is my favorite song In the world. I have to be in this video. I have
to. So, everyone sort of came together because they loved the song. Yeah it was all for
the love and the video turned out really beautiful and we just put it up
and the rest is magic, right. Well thank you guys so much. I look
forward to seeing everything in the future. Awesome. Have fun. Alright we will. Bye. Turbo Tax is the official sponsor of
YouTube’s Grammy Live and Grammys on AOL.


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