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Rochelle Gores Fredston Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey Shira Lazar backstage at the Grammys brought
to you by Turbo Tax with Rochelle Gores Fredston. How are you? Great, how are you doing? I’m great, but you are very styley because and beautifully and fashionable. Thank you. Because you are involved with
the fashion here at the Grammys. Am I right? Absolutely yeah, I own a store called Arcade Boutique. Okay It’s on Melrose in West Hollywood. Yes And we saw a lot of different celebrities
and it’s a lot of fun. So, I’m here to give you any advice on fashion. Well, I do want to here because I will
be on the red carpet doing a live webcast for the Grammys on YouTube. Wonderful So what tips come you give as far as
what we’re going to be seeing, the fashions and looks this year at the Grammys? You’re going to see a lot of color, bold color. Orange is a hot color, neon, whether it’s the accessories or the full dress, high slits, lace. That vintage entire look is really big trend for this spring/summer. Is Grammys more about long or short dresses? Well, the Grammys, honestly, you can get away with anything. Yeah You know, the Oscars are more the long dress the black tie look, but the Grammys; it’s all about funky and fun and really bringing your personality out to the red carpet. Do you know of any musicians or celebrities, do
you know what they’re wearing right now? You can give us a little sneak peak at some
of their outfits. Well, I know that, I know there are a few celebrities that are
looking at J Mendel dresses right now. So I’m really excited to see who will end
up in one of those. I think they’ll probably end up looking one of the best on the red carpet. Very nice and what else are you up to. You
do a ton of things. You’re an entrepreneur. I sit on the board of J Mendel and some different couture companies and we’re starting the World Wide Web for our K Boutique and it’s been a fun year so far. Yeah, definitely and you’re seeing all the musicians here backstage at the Grammys. Yeah and everyone’s looking great. I saw some bright neon colors in the background
with big high heels. Mya was wearing a lot of bright neon. Yeah, so maybe they’ll bring that onto the red carpet too. Very nice. Well, I’m excited to see all the styles
on the red carpet at the Grammys and maybe you can help me. Absolutely. Because I definitely do need some. Come on over to the Arcade and we’ll dress you.
Thank you. Have a good one. You too. Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you to every deduction and credit you deserve.

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