Robin Williams presents an award to Jonathan Winters

ladies and gentlemen the one the only the very shy mr. Robin Williams thank you what an honor to be on the show with flying beaver thank you so much ladies and gentlemen than anyone else in TV and they let in here tonight Jonathan winters is the reason I became a comedian I remember watching him with my father and when he was on the Jack Paar show Jonathan was playing a great white hunter and Jack asked him he said what do you hunt and Jonathan said I hunt squirrels and Jack said how do you do that it's I aim for their little nuts once upon a time I called Jonathan my mentor and he immediately corrected me he said please he told me I prefer idle Jonathan winters is my idol he is a true pioneer ladies and gentlemen it's the honor of a lifetime to stand here present the TV Land Pioneer Award to the man without whom I probably wouldn't be standing here myself the many the one Jonathan winters Thank You Robin you know I were a lot of suits like that mine were wrapped differently I like the white suit god bless you mr. winters are so happy to be in America we're happy to have you Oh bless you sir in what capacity are you here tonight as a representative of Arnold Schwarzenegger helping to build the wall you know I'm running against him because I can pronounce California well done sir well I want to thank dad I played merthin working mini you take on what you can even though I was 60 or 70 I don't remember I know I was too old to be a baby he didn't care he was making heavy bread and it's one of ours god I hope it is yeah Sheila looking like that today and you went over to entertain our troops yep too late now really made a man there's so many people to thank that I'm not going to even attempt it this is a kick it's just you know when people say what are you doing here just being out people say how are you while I'm out and then they say I don't understand you have to be in to appreciate that anyway hey thank everyone of you thank you Robin Thank You Johnny thank all you good people and incidentally a lot of people I see on television I'm pretty much there you know full-time watching the set very little work for people at our 82 I had a hell of a first half now I'm in overtime hey thank you so much god bless you all I'm not sure


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