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Robia Rashid at the 2017 Media Access Awards

Okay so please welcome the recipient of
the 2017 Writers Guild of America West Evan Summers Award,
Robia Rashid! Hi, thank you so much what a moving morning this has been. I
don’t usually cry this much first thing in the morning; usually. So the I
think the key to writing something brave and fearless is not thinking anyone will
ever see. I really never could have imagined that I would be here, that this
show would be what it is, in in 150 countries or something like that. Netflix
is amazing that it’s so sweeping and I just feel so lucky and honored to tell
this story that feels so personal and real and like nothing that I’ve ever
written before or really seen before. This character is so specific in a way that I
just sort of thought was specific to me in my weird little brain and it’s kind
of exciting to see him resonate—Sam’s story resonate.
It’s an amazing time for stories of inclusion and diversity I think we need
stories like this more than ever and I just feel so honored to be receiving
this award for telling this story, so thank you.

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