Robert Downey Jr at People's Choice Award Winning Best Actor Award.

[Applause] John Wayne Harrison Ford's Dustin Hoffman Tom Hanks all of them People's Choice winners for favorite movie actor and right now one of these nominees is about to join their ranks favorite movie actor Joseph gordon-levitt Channing Tatum – catching the killer so really we need to go right now adventures we call ourselves a monster bull Avenger and the People's Choice is Robert Downey J [Applause] Robert Downey jr. also wins the People's Choice Award for favorite superhero [Applause] yeah yeah yeah [Applause] well you've chosen wisely good looking out Naomi Watts is so fantastic and impossible by the way I just want to hand it to her right now it's easily one of my favorite performances this year this is really nice I'm going to keep it simple I'm going to send you love and then I'm going to receive love so here's me sending it you get that alright I'm ready to receive and speaking of the people and the fans one of my top fans of all time is this lady she was 83 years old her name is joy Schroeder and sadly she passed away just a few days ago but I would like to say the love and the fanship and the love back and forth lives on so joy this is for you she's the host of The Biggest Loser and a star from days

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