Robert Altman Receives an Honorary Award: 2006 Oscars

  • This is what used to make the Oscars wonderful. Now a moment like this is not on the telecast. Why? So we can watch our local news? Who cares about the blasted local news? Air these honorary awards and humanitarian awards and tribute montages where they belong. The Oscars are about tradition not younger demographics. Shameful.

  • Robert Altman
    • Golden Palm – Best Picture (Cannes Film Festival): "M.A.S.H." (1970)
    • Golden Bear – Best Picture (Berlin International Film Festival): "Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson" (1976)
    • Golden Lion – Best Picture (Venice Film Festival): "Short Cuts" (1993)
    • Honorary Oscar (Academy Awards): "In recognition of a career that has repeatedly reinvented the art form and inspired filmmakers and audiences alike". (2006)

  • Could have awarded him a real Oscar for Gosford Park – instead gave it to fucking Ron Howard. What a joke.
    (Peter Jackson, David Lynch & Ridley Scott also nominated that year – all more deserving.)

  • Seeing also Heath Ledger and Philip Seymour Hoffman, kinda makes you cry before hearing the speech…

  • a brilliant way of presenting this award by Tomlin and Streep. Well done and kudos to one of the greatest American directors ever

  • He should already become an oscar for "Nashville" – one of the best US-american films ever made – in my opinion 🙂 even after 40 years it has not lost its deep meaning about modern society … I am saying this from an european point of view 🙂

  • To those extolling the virtues of such luminaries as Spielberg and Scorsese in this thread: yes, they are great. And both have done more for film and television production than many film and teleivision producers. However, Altman has also directed for television–the brilliant series "Tanner '88," which broke through and broken ground for much of what we love on TV today–as well as the dramatic and operatic stage. It's an incomparably rich and varied career, and there is no question–none–that other directors would be grateful and honored to have many of Altman's so-called "failures" in their filmographies.

  • That is what you'd consider what TV Tropes calls Harsher in Hindsight. But at least Altman was properly honored before his passing.

  • ive always liked meryl streep, but today while watching "a prarie home companion", i decided im totally in love. what a beautiful, funny, unbelievably talented person.

  • yah, I kinda gotta agree with you on Taxi Driver, although it wasn't bad.

    Seemed over-rated to me as did Raging Bull. Goodfellas though…that's one of those that's so great, it's hard not to watch a little whenever it comes on.

  • Altman has never made a film that was even remotely approaching Goodfellas. Not even close. And Taxi Driver and Raging Bull are considered great movies by Scorcese as well.

    Simple equation: Altman = crap. Ok?

  • Still miss Bob to this day. I remember finding out his death in Nov 06. It was like a member of my family had died. His films , both the great ones and even many of his so-called flops have meant so much to me for over 20 years. Nice parody of Altman's famed overlapping dialogue by Streep & Tomlin in this clip.

  • and the great "McCabe&Mrs.Miller" with Julie Christie(Best Actress Oscar nominee for this performance) and Warren Beatty, great art direction, screemplay, ensemble class, cinematography, and musical score by Leonard Cohen

  • This is so funny, they are so all over the place and so true to the Altman formula that it just comes together. Brilliant.

  • Actually Robert they are NOT giving you this award early because a few months from now you will be dead.

  • Aw there's Dolly!!! LOL, wasn't expecting her to just pop up there. Her and Lily are tight…And Meryl, love her very much, one of my favorites. Most award things like this I don't like, because they run and and no one gets it, but these two are workin it and the crowds likin it haha =)

  • "He's examined the minute particular of human behaviour and he's doing right now and he's dying for us" Great quote
    Go Meryl <3

  • @RuflessRecords You are being selective here. Nashville's approach to story telling was years ahead of its time. that multiple narrative format didn't become the norm again until the 90's. McCabe and Mrs Miller is brilliant too. I also like 'Short Cuts' and 'Images'

    He did make a lot of crap though, i'll give you that, but when he was in top form, he was as good as just about anyone, at least in America anyway.

  • Ruffless Records, You have no fucking idea of cinema; take a lokk at "Short Cuts" and learn about it.

  • what the hell is jennifer anniston doing there? im tired of seeing random movie stars as a seat fillers. arnold swartzeneger, now this? when does it end?!

  • Robert Altman was overhyped crap. Look at his filmography, a bunch of no-good junk. Too bad the space he occupied couldn't have been taken up by someone else making better movies for 50 years. OC & Stiggs? Dr T. and the Women? Brewster McCloud?

    Drugs is the only thing that can explain how this guy ever got a career.

    His "greatest" films: MASH, nothing special, The Long Goodbye, a bore all the way thru.

    Scorcese, Spielberg, etc yes; Altman mmmm no.

  • Poor Robert.. yes it was over.. your last movie was A Prairie.. amazing job, funny as hell in that speech. And THANKG GOD for Meryl Streep who is the classy and funnier woman on earth ! xx

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