Road to the GOLD Medal | Russia | Men's VNL | 2019 | HD

[Applause] it's long and France can celebrate it's all over and France have avenged that defeat that painful defeat from last year in Lille and they have won this opening pool match once again and finally Russia have their first victory in the VNL in 2019 they have to do it the hard way it took them force why to run it okay if not complete control on that that kovitch Russia have won Lucca once again involved vote for Russia can she most be the hero no too easy and it's over into the corner from your cough laughs and despite some spirited resistance from [Applause] no it's not going to happen Andrusha get the job done in impressive fashion here in the upper arena day to win two for this Russian teams match points polo serves Wally Cobb Jacko's himself and just pokes it off Flavius block don't think Italy are going to challenge this one no Russia now they after wishes red operon continues here in Iraq as they take the full set 25 19 to make it a sick lands it in that's the first time it comes back into the net from Pearl that doubt but it got a touch and squeezed inside of the block Victor politesse with the final [Applause] the unstoppable force has the brakes but on it by the VN Al's a movable object [Applause] the top of the net touch through that's gonna be good enough russia seal victory with an emphatic final said 25 points deported can't do it again pal so this time russia seal the victory they came here needing to sort of job and they have got that job done two wins from two here he made a difference in this island three zero you're gonna cover up six points in a row on serve and the first one is handled very very efficiently indeed and fed over on cough at the final touch having handled service reception scrub run off the block and a real sense of disappointment here from the Aussies but it was a battling effort that's points it is and there it is the ACE to complete it that's in lightful ace the Russia have been tested here they've been tested by a team just the blocks still alive Sammy chef not perfect for a long cut down and Russia taken in 328 26 in the third and it's been done chilling with the error and Russia take the point they take the sex 25 17 and they have taken the match by three sets to nothing he's from side a and they don't need to use them it's an unforced error from Russian USA take the set 25-21 a beaten Russia by three sets to nothing both teams through the semi-finals but it's the USA who go through as cargo conserve from cash [Applause] Russia they take the city they have beaten Poland by three-sixty brave sir from Holtz two minutes of the block in a way Russia have taken gold here in Chicago

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