Riverdale Stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse Break Up

Cole Sprouse and Lily Reinhart have gone their separate ways the Riverdale co-stars have called it quits after nearly two years together according to multiple reports the news comes just days after they attended comic-con with their Riverdale co-stars Wow things didn't appear out of the ordinary during their panel on Sunday where the two were seated next to each other and I witnessed lzt that the two kept their distance at a party the night before et's source explains quote Lily spent most of the night with her female co-stars while Cole was on the other side of the party hanging out with different friends the two also stopped by et's comic-con suite on saturday where they assured fans that their characters Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper worked stronger than ever I think they're going strong chuck it goes to prep school this season so he's only back in Riverdale on the weekends that distance yeah and I think that's going to inevitably put stress on the relationship between Betty and Jughead I think it might be a little bit tense they might fall turn away from each other only to come back together way stronger and yeah I think they're gonna I think they're going to be really good [Applause]


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