Riverdale Season 3 BLOOPERS! Shirtless KJ Apa & Camila Mendes Attacked!

x-ray take one Apple take two Baker on the bark oh I'm going to be at the gym for the first time in my life that doesn't hurt it's not real oh so good what in God's name are you to Jezebel's to be here let's go again try as you might most of it was blood money that you inherited from the blossoms that I never should have let you keep in the person first place first place distributors distributors distributors that mad dog was right I saw government gargoyles gargoyles it's really hard to say the X in I'm not gonna live it all together fizzle rocks distributors fizzle rocks douche feeders haha okay ready let's go you faked a great stone and free wink at me we get me for Town white start at the beginning there was a big bang that's Archie he's graceful he's a dancer plays little music as they say in France being evolute Ella Elio is giving me the chance of a lifetime you're 21 what do you know but a lifetime that's the idea nobody look just look into my eyes again I thought we were keeping that offset unless you have a better idea this just goes to show you would be nothing without your big lips anything like no it's all the way in the back all the way to the hottest summer in Riverdale Oh hot dogs


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