Rising High School Runner Is Chasing Gold Medal History

every time a thing steps on the track she amazes me athletes like a thing does not come that often see something special to the whole and spinning right after the main thing motrin New Jersey she is trying for Head Start we feed she's already in the final to the 200 she has borne the 1500 she's a number one seed in the 400 nobody ever done the two four eight 1500 quadruple I think people mispronounce my name every time they say my name they say a ting a thing a thing yep I definitely learned how to roll with it because it's like there's nothing I could do about it either way they're gonna mess it up but I've been competing in AAU since I think about ten or nine burger burger my name is Bernice Mitchell I'm with Trenton car club I've been assistant coach to al Jennings for the last 23 years at the age of nine when I took her to her first national event I watched her and I said to al I said we got something special 102 19 my name is Alfonso Jennings and the head coach of the Tritton Track Club I've been coaching for over 50 years look a thing she had these little signs that she could do special things so we start plotting towns for the head after her first of championships and she was nine we started trying to hit certain times as opposed to just trying to win and I think she was 12 and we were training for like about to 15 to 14 to 10 so that kind of opened my eyes real one to 1060 I say moon and as she got older I asked Alex at al I pulled my side we had a little meeting I said you know I can carry her but I need you like we I really need you to pay attention because I'm gonna need help with this one this one we're gonna have to carry her a long way in my opinion a thing best event is 800 and I kind of say that because at the age of 10 I asked her to own a race and that was the race you children and she has excelled in that race and the 400 is coming to be a close second you know I don't think I'll ever see my son was Leonard I definitely see myself as a mid distance runner I've never coached a athlete that had the range and especially up to the 8 into 15 I've had a sprinter Wendy Vereen who made the 84 Olympics I coached her I see a thing I had of everybody I've ever coached include the boys I don't run from our high school team and I just have been preparing my club team rather than my high school team because I've been training with the same coach ever since I was about six years old so I didn't want to mess up or anything I want to stick to the same training system that I've had since I started she made a commitment two years ago not to run in high school and we supported her you know gave her the pros and cons what's gonna happen what you won't be able to do she often times train by herself and you know that's what it takes commitment and dedication to your craft so she trains like a champion for a thing and most top athletes they come through that youth program and we wanted to travel the same way that most Olympians travel so we decided to take that route as opposed to any other one [Applause] she defends her 1500 championships I completed 1,500 yesterday I got the gold I completed the 800 just now I also got the gold tomorrow I'm doing this 200 sunrise and I'm hoping to do for you all of that and then on Friday I'll be doing the 400 semis which I hope to qualify finals I hope to be the first person to win all four of the events and this Junior Olympic Games this year I expect her to see her in the finals in all four and I expect her to win the 400 and I'm going to be screaming real loud at that 200 because I think she can do it oh I have no problem running although that's pretty fun I like to you know be diverse with am i running so I like going to different things and different events instead of just wanting to 8 and 15 always the record would set my American record holder on a Jay Wilson two oh seven oh eight let's watch it come on [Applause] – 750 I think a thing could run 1:59 before ceilings high school she understands that if we see she can do it and she has a lot of lot of untapped potential still and I know that very soon we'll have to step back and be her personal tearin' section and I'm all good with that but that that's what we are training her and getting in her head she needs to understand that a thing you're going to the next level and you're going to have to go with someone else but we'll be there to support you


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