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Riot Interrogates Eddie Brock “Where Is Venom?” Scene – VENOM (2018) Movie CLIP HD

You can kill me cuz I’m dying anyway I’m not just gonna kill you that wouldn’t be any fun No, no, no, no, no I’m gonna rip your tongue down your face Bleeding all over my lap go go! Where is he I don’t know you know what even if I did I wouldn’t tell you anyway I don’t trust you and you’re insane that hurts sorry long journal entry about that tonight you’re being dumb Brock I’m not insane what’s insane is the way humans used to live today think about it all we do is take take take it can’t go on We’ve brought the planet to the brink of extinction we’re parasites you’re a good example think about it what you do is take you took my symbiote you take potshots at a great man trying to get something done Didn’t you take from the person you love the most who trusted you the most that’s insane what I’ve initiated is a whole new world a new species man and symbiote combined let me tell you something buddy I just met man because I have spent a significant amount of time I ‘m with one of these creatures up my ass It’s not a lot of fun and then I find out all along that they’re killing you this is the last time I’m asking you where is my symbiote! I have no idea WHERE IS HE!? WHERE IS VENOM!? How does the ugliest-fucking thing I have ever seen You know Brock I have no use for you Treece come and clean up your mess hoo he has one up his ass Your friends the others I apologize I tried to keep them alive there are more of us millions more they will follow wherever I lead Where we lead yes we but first we must retrieve them I can take care of that You


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