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this next conversation is maybe a little is maybe a little weird so Rihanna apparently smells hella good so a Twitter user who goes by me or nine or something and I shared a thread titled Rihanna smells effing good celebrities immediately started chiming in little nas ex and beauty vlogger Nikki – Jagger both commented she smells like quote heaven Ryan Seacrest who admits he smells everyone on the Ricker that's a weird admission to make called her the best smelling celeb at the Grammys celebrity chef Nigella Lawson even made talk-show hosts Graham Norton take a whiff of Rihanna when they appeared on his show together all of this hype has led some to believe that the thread might be a marketing stunt for Rihanna fragrance and the fact contributing to that is the fact that me or nine or whatever her name is or his name won't offer up their true identity and that doesn't do much to sort of squash those suspicions so I can't last about whether she's launching a new perfume she already has eleven of them and more about what does she actually smell like so I've looked into it oh you do I've researched it so she doesn't where according to this this ask her any of her own perfumes that's really bad marketing right there I mean sometimes maybe she does but her day-to-day perfume at least in 2016 was called by Killian love don't be silly and it's like a mixture of vanilla and like dessert smelling like sweets fragrance which is why I guess people are like mmm you know who is but who is me me is that guy who owns that perfume I know you all are gonna look in research and see what she wears and she doesn't even wear her own she wears mine I need to look into this person what about it it's a sweet perfume with an unmistakable sweet base to it is that guy so girl I like heard about but guess maybe she will not but I might a person everybody tell how cool is that that's such a great compliment to have but like everyone in Hollywood things that you are the best smelling person that's so nice because I always get worried that I'm you know what if I don't smell nice all the time I don't know and I'm telling you I couldn't go it's really don't want to be the smelliest carpet do that you know fake tan stuff you guys I don't care what brand it is it all smells weird you know you can't put on a fake Tanner without not smelling weird


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