Rihanna Presents Mary J. Blige With Lifetime Achievement Award

now to the VTT Awards we're Queens that celebrated Queens including Rihanna presenting mary j blige with the ve T Lifetime Achievement Award right you have set the bar for relatable timeless classic music you open multiple doors for female artists Mia in this industry and on behalf of all the women and came after you like myself thank you for being you so we could feel comfortable being ourselves praise God because without prayer I would not be here I have I have so many people to thank tonight because when you have a lifetime of achievements there's no way you could have done it alone yeah and before the show Mary J told us with the honor meant to her it's just it's it's amazing I feel really good every word that can come out of my mouth is positive amazing phenomenal I worked so hard the world of seeing me rise fall suffer rejoice you know and I've given so much in my life to my fans to people just just so people can heal you know and that's what it's all for that's what all the trials before to give to people to let them know they're not alone and I feel really good I try not to cry because it's a heavy heavy high happy tears 92 I'm here you know me being here is reaching out and if they ever come to me and ask any artist ever come to me and ask me for any advice or anything I'm happy to get it happy happy happy and if my you know my life can help you in any way that's why I'm here I just love her now crazy homebody girl said that mary j blige killed it Kristin sang long-overdue we're seeing comments like great inspiration but then tom says mary j blige is amazing and deserves all the awards but it seems like every single award show has a Lifetime Achievement Award now and it takes away from it meaning anything oh no I understand if they give multiple away in one night but it's it's always an annual thing to give somebody the Lifetime Achievement Award they do at the Golden Globes and they I think they still do it at the Oscars do they not am I wrong about that I thought the Oscars did it the Grammys – yeah I think that they're special yeah and I don't think that necessarily means you're like I'm even seeing a comment where it's saying this is your old and washed up award but I mean I disagree with that I mean not even 50 yet there's so much more time she has to produce amazing hits it just shows those she's an innovator ya know in this industry yeah a hundred percent and in those situations when you start talking to people like we did with Mary Jay on the carpet the reaction to people normally for any sort of Lifetime Achievement Award is a split between oh my god what an incredible honor and oh my god am I really that old yeah I now that person you know am I now at the Lifetime Achievement Oh Ward's stage of my life but I will say this about Lifetime Achievement Awards is that the sort of way that the business has Mary Jay came out when you know people were looking at these sort of long careers and bands these days an artist these days kind of come and go and the pool to choose from in 20 years from now to give people Lifetime Achievement Awards who you know came out in 2009 or whatever it is is going to be small it's not going to be what you know what it is what it is now where you have these these artists who continue to have these long 30-year runs yes very impressive and Ryan sang to on Facebook that's almost three decades she deserves it yeah I agree

  • MJ Blige certainly deserves that lifetime award, passed due, yet Mary J held her own and held her head high after going through that tornado called a marriage and then revamping her team and sung the songs like she can. One Love. When God is in the mix, no weapon form against you shall never prosper, He won't let it…

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