Rihanna FANGIRLS Over Lizzo & Cardi B DRAGGED For Lipsyncing at BET Awards!

  • Yall, she def lip synced the entire thing. Otherwise her hair would have hit the mic everytime she slipped her head and we would hear it

  • Lizzo and Sasha flute are amazing, and as for cardi’s performance, just like her new son g press, it was aight

  • Whether or not she lipped it she performed her ass off as usually. I haven’t seen any rappers moving and working the stage like cardi. The last rapper to do this was missy Elliot. Secondly if you don’t like her then don’t comment or watch her. People always talking about how they wouldn’t buy her tickets and this and that. Oh well BYE! You not going to stop cardi REAL fans from supporting. Dummies

  • How can one lip synch at rap?
    I mean your not singing.
    Your just rhyming with rhythm.
    No work for your vocals unless your screaming
    But then again they want to have any excuse to bring down someone 🤠

  • What I THINK 🙉🤯…… 🤔 You just wasted our time trying to explain OTHERS THOUGHTS ON WHAT THEY THINK THE PERFORMERS DID BUT YOU SAID IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK! I think you need to get a Professional-Ratchetism page where you can give your opinion & agreement with those who make your opinion relevant using their's! This post was irrelevant to 98% of the good & bad comments people made about the BET AWARDS 💻📺📱…… 🏆

  • Cardi B isn’t a singer so I’m confused on why people tried to come for her. The songs she performed didn’t require her to hit any high notes or anything in that nature, so what’s the problem? She’s a fucking rap/hip hop artist. People find ANYTHING to complain about, I’m convinced.

  • Ok so ppl drag Cardi B but they still pay money to see Britney Spears at Vegas. She doesn’t sing a word…

  • Lol some of those other artists needed to do with cardi b did because most of them sound like trash like when lil Kim and Mary j Blige was performing you could hear there heavy birth and could barely understand the words they was saying

  • Lol I think she is kinda of smart for lip syncing because if she didn’t she whould of sounded bad and threw the whole performance off

  • Cardis career has been ripped off from the beginning. Can't believe she even has a black fan base left. If hip hop and rap is the brass of authentism then the hip hop community should have thrown this blackface away when she first rapped to her ghostwrited song bodack yellow or keep on and rap will go down the pop culture rabbit hole like disco.

  • Artists that perform with heavy choreography usually tend to lip sync to a pre recorded track. Beyoncé is a prime example of this and rapping is no different. It would be like trying to do aerobics while rapping so of course there was going to be a pre recorded track for Cardi. Her clout verse was definitely live you can even hear her voice get raspy when she says “destiny’s child”

  • I thought cardi has a talent cause of her live rap at BET. Damn she not talented after all. How in the hell can a rapper don’t write their rhymes and lipsync their rap. Where is the talent?? Why is she getting all the awards then???

  • Y’all artists been lipsyncing. Would you have rather her done her moves and then be hyperventilating in the mic???? Like that was a PRODUCTION and if that means we don’t get love vocals than oh fucking well lmao. Like y’all stay mad at her

  • cardi b killed that stage. i cant tell if the whole thing is lip synced, but im sure that was a choice she made so she can really commit to the choreography. and i swear to god if anybody brings up beyonce never lip syncing imma lose my shit. beyonce used to run tracks in her heels while singing to make sure she never had this problem, so no one can be compared to that.

  • Leave cardi alone u fucking losers i swear gotta say something. Why cant u just keep ur fucking mouth shut! Talking to the people who even thought to mention it not this channell. Fuck i hate people!!

  • Please people let’s STOP 🛑

  • I am living under a rock I thought that was the girl who hosts the bad girls club reunions I need to do my research now

  • I knew cardi didn't sing through her whole performance. She was dancing.. And even without dancing she is always out of beat when she's rapping.

  • There is no authenticity when it comes to Retardie. She is no artist and is just running a mock in the genre of rap. Which was known for authenticity. At this point I don't know what to call her and don't understand why people even tolerate her shenanigans.

  • TLC was known for lip syncing same with Britney. Yet people still paid to go to full blown concerts for them. But yet cardi is an issue? Funniest thing is if you listen closely you can still tell cardi mic is on and can still hear her

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