Rihanna, Cardi B, Ella Mai, Yara Shahidi and Taraji P. Henson attend BET Awards 2019

I was so amazed at how much love was out in the world for him that you uplifted me I accepted his life as God said to me nipson you've done your job you've left your mark I'm welcoming you into heaven so you can rest and I love you thank you so much for loving me to mary j blige you have set the bar for relatable timeless classic music you open multiple doors for female artists in it in this industry I have so many people to thank tonight because when you have a lifetime of achievements there's no way you could have done it alone I am deeply deeply honored to present the 2019 Beatty Altima icon award to my dear dear friend mr. Tyler Perry I started hiring people like taraji and Viola Davis and Idris Elba they couldn't get jobs in this town but God blessed me to be in a position to be able to hire them I was trying to help somebody crawl the youngest baller in the game wow thank you so much Wow of course thank you BTW thank you god of course thank you for every single day i'm breathing thank you I'm just so fortunate for some wonderful parents I love you guys thank you so much alpha motor year goes to cardi B invasion thank you so much guys you know as a female artist I always feel like them sometimes I feel like I'm not doing so much and sometimes I feel like I'm doing so much you know I'm saying is that you never be perfect to these people but the numbers Thank You Africa because because that's the constituency for which we got noticed in the first place and the message from Berner I believe would be that every black person should please remember that you were africans before you became anything else Thank You VT for recognizing me I'm a little ol girl from England London England that you know thank you so so much and this is proof honestly that you let the music do the talking


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