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well I get a guys it's Sam here from building I bought and today we got a special special rig for you we were Kris min guys lime-green trophy truck talk about best at work ever okay so I'm sure a lot of you can relate a trophy truck I mean come on this is like any child's dream and I'm up close and personal with one today so without further ado I want to get straight into this one but we're going to start with a back end this time alright so back in being a racecar everything's got to be with you when you're on the track so to spare tires their 37-inch tires and it smack bang in the middle you've got your tool kit so what's this is got in here firstly this whole cars do it with canned regulation when you're racing you've got to have certain things in place there's a no case on there so it's got okay not okay so someone comes along they you know if you need help or if you're all good there's a jack in here being slightly modified I'll show you a bit later but inside the car there's a little pocket there where there's a rattle gun for the navigator now he can put this straight in here and one this thing up super quickly so if you need to change your tire that can be done on the run underneath there there's just a whole lot of spare parts pretty much anything you need to you know fix the car on the run spare belt stuff like that okay come around the side more any other thing up in the back here big radiator you're probably sitting on other race cars that I've shot you want to keep that towards the back because if it's at the front you've got to have dirt rocks anything that can puncture it in potentially so they stick it at the back there with big fans to suck the heat out but the whole body is got a fiberglass shell on it so the things full tube chassis frame by the fiberglass is on there to make it look like a car obviously coming towards the front alright here we are at the front end which is basically the business end of this truck now this is a rubber Gordon's car front end you'll probably notice that there's these aluminum blocks in here now that is to create a weak point because if you have some sort of bump out of the bush this will fold up and you can replace this in a day it's just a bit of cheese but if you damage that mainframe you're in trouble so that's designed to do that and then the motor okay so this is a six litre LS – now it's putting out about 600 horsepower the reason for that got Porsche internals forged pistons for drugs max if cabinet is a fast amount of photon here for the big throttle body now that's actually been flipped around backwards pretty awesome you can do them on these LS is because what that means is the air that will get sucked in through the back end rather than the front where there's a whole lot of dust because you want to keep dust down in the singh of course massive water pump as well the reason for that as I mentioned earlier that radiator on the back is so big and so far away you need to have a really high volume water pump to pump it through that distance that whole lot of coolers and stuff on the front you've got your power steering cooler oil cooler there's reservoirs here as well the power steering pumps a big trophy truck pump so it sort of hydrates the rack but it's like mechanically assisted as well so if you do lose it you can somewhat turn the car but it's harder a steer to turn the big tires everything else is pre sort of standard the alternators all set up to run standardly huge extractors here you can see sticking out the side there's a spare serpentine belt just bolted on here like I know for a fact that on an LS you lose that serpentine belt you lose everything power steering alternators a lot so there's a quick one there to wick on what to whack on if you snap it gearbox is eight turbo 400 fully manualized to take the power on there so the sump in this it doesn't have a dry sump setup but it's sort of a corvette gated some so that means if it's flat flicking around swirling around the oil it's not going to disappear into the corner of the sump it actually keeps it within its liberal designs so that stops surging and stuff like that alright so while i'm here you can see the shocks there let's talk about suspension and what's underneath the car alright so this is actually it's not a triple bypass it's a five way bypass shop so it's the king's 3.5 and there's also a coil over on there for like right height so the shock obviously acts as a shock you guys know this the front end is sort of independent so it's got boxed a arms on there so it's not four-wheel drive this is a tool drive trophy truck and there's limiting straps on there all that kind of stuff so that's thought of the front end running through to the back so it's rear-wheel drive trucks are the same at the Kings 3.5 cameras going off alright so on the back end the 3.5 Kings as well because also the coil overs on there the only difference here there's also got hydraulic bump stops as well so that's to assist you know they're massive trailing arm so I think it's 24 inches of travel in the front and forgot the back what is that and 27 inches in the back all right that is insane and like I can more he could lift the thing I can't but yeah it's quite soft when it comes up in the strike you can hit the harder stuff the depth is a 10 inch diffe custom housing chromoly it's got the axles on it apparently like a coke can like a ridiculous 36 spline straight into the housing they're so strong rubbish how BIG's the driveshaft Robby just like mad short and fat driveshaft as well what else said I'm it's okay coming out the side here exhaust now Ming Ray may have heard this before he's got a brother now Ming gay you may have heard of the name before he's got a brother Matt Mingo who runs the hot wheels trophy truck and it was a little story behind his exhaust Chris had to go bigger and better so it's actually a three and a half inch coming out to a four inch dump on the side there and there's one on the other side they sound and look awesome tell you what all right so that pretty much wraps up the outside what's underneath jump inside the cockpit to see what's going on in there all right inside give me a minute to get in it yeah all right I made it I'm a little guy so good beautiful seats oh there that Sparco racing seats full five-point harness as well now I'm going to driver's side here and then there's a navigator on the other side he's got a bar to hang on to so what I can see a whole lot of buttons and stuff pretty much everything can be controlled from in here so you've got all your fans and switches fuel palm ignition all that in here these little fuses as well for the buttons I hope that's what they are yeah the circuit breakers in there for the buttons with the helmet that's pretty trick as well so when you're fully hooked in you've also got a neck brace so you actually click your helmet to the seat to stop your neck and come forward in an accident there's also blowers so there's a blah for the driver and the Navi the driver and then a vs ourselves right I thought I said the same thing so that blows cool air into the helmet because it gets goddamn hot in here there's also an intercom section set up things so you can actually talk to each other and probably back to the crew if you need as well through the UHF there's a talk button pressed opt to press to talk button on each side so if you're swearing and stuffing you know it you made to hear off but he won't until you press that button pretty sure it's a grocer huh so good of a funny story about this panel as well and now Chris was in the Air Force for 20 years now these are actually out of a jet fighter plane or as a Hornet yeah called a jet fighter their circuit breakers so a bit of a touch they're pretty awesome now this steering wheel it's a quick release as well you've got your race pack dial gauge they're pretty basic it just shows you read things you need temperatures and stuff like that hydraulic handbrake here that's pretty trick now if you're in my section being such a large trucking you want to keep up with those side-by-sides hydraulic handbrake to get around the corners also there is the pack on the other side there so that's where the Navy I was saying before has the rattle gun there just to quickly grab to do things I don't know why he'd need a rattle going inside a car but look it's there there's a little knife up here so if you get stuck in the car you can cut yourself loose if need be if anything's in the way got a massive rear-vision mirror there so he's behind you so I've mirrors that's of course so you can't run any glass the windows on these race cars you've got to happen that's in there to keep your body parts in night and yeah that's pretty much it it's time to go for a spinning this thing we've seen everything about it and yes alright guys so that has been the rig rundown of Christian guys trophy truck hope you enjoyed make sure to subscribe to the channel to see many more rig rundowns and videos that I do I'll see you guys the next on take it easy so we're just been ripping around in this thing you know on the flat but there's a jump over there I'm gonna jump that but first you gotta hit subscribe


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