RIFT IN THE RIFT VALLEY: MP Oscar Sudi takes on President Uhuru Kenyatta

  • Sudi masomo muhimu mutu akiwa na ufisadi sio wa kabila lolote ama chama chochote….kwa hizo dams zingesaidia watu wenu but nyinyi mnataka kuwa matajiri peke yenu wananchi wawe tu kwa shida

  • These rift valley leaders should infact have been the whistle blowers of the graft at kimwarer and arror if they really cared about the common mwananchi!

  • Dalla sio kijana unaweza mtusi.heshimuni wazee wacheni uzungu mwingi.hio nikenya OK wazee kuheshimiwa ndio kazi

  • What a clown, whatever happened to “you are our load and we are your load we carry each other “ you say during textile factory launching? So who is a coward pig now? You walk with your tail between your legs in the presence of the president and talk garbage in his absence. The only way people like you and murkhomen remain relevant in politics is through talking nonsense. The locals have to wake up and ask themselves why support people who loots projects meant for their own people? Wake up guys.

  • This guy sudi is just working on his political mileage in the name of one william ruto. where does Dp ruto comes in here?

  • Should we start politicizing corruption now. Or thieves are trying to defend thieves. Corruption and graft must be fought at all means

  • When will you the fools in opposition(sudi,murkomen and others) support or agree with any action involving people from your tribe..????

  • This fool sudi alwys has what I can call #VerbalDiarrhea…he talks like a baby. Why talk nice in the presence of president and like a toy in his absence

  • Sudi danganya watu wa Rift valley bt wakenya tunaona sisi sio wajinga.If ruto is innocent hakuna mtu atamnyima kura,bt mnajua haezi shinda ndio maaana mwtafta mhurumie kwa makosa inaonekana.Excuse mob nkt😈😈😈

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