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Richelle Stoddard: National Frist Award Runner-Up

HCA Excellence in
Nursing award Compassionate Care Finalist – I love my job. I am very grateful that every
morning when I come to work, I have the opportunity to say, “I get to go to a job that I love.” – We have a 26 bed NICU and we take care of the most premature and the most acutely ill babies. It’s a level 3B NICU and
it’s a great responsibility. I think Richelle goes above and beyond. She’s passionate about our families. She has an incredible
ability to connect with them and really get into their hearts. – People are able to bond to Richelle because she relates easily to people. She goes out of her way
to find a connection. – We’re unique because
we take care of patients from three different states:
Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Because of this, we have to
take care of the family unit also along with the baby. – We see hard things in the
NICU, we see happy things and Richelle is able to
carry the team through that. Her love of that job and
her ability to show people how much she cares is just
her person, it’s who she is. – Without Richelle and this NICU we would be in deep trouble and we’re just so grateful
that she really has been instrumental in helping
to save our daughter. – Having the opportunity
to watch our infants grow throughout their time here in the NICU until the time they go home is a wonderful, great experience. Even though your job is hard, you go home feeling really good inside that you had this wonderful opportunity to be with this family and their infant. – In the past when
babies have passed away, Richelle has created
mementos for the families. She makes hand and foot molds, she puts hand and footprints on baseballs, cuts locks of hair that
the parents can keep she goes out of her way
to make a cute scrapbook all the while really providing care and concern for those parents. – Families come in here in all sorts of different situations. Some of our families have had hard issues that they’ve had to deal with and I feel like I relate
really well to those families because of my past experiences in my own personal past issues. I feel that I help them
through their hard times. I feel like I go home
and I did a good job, I served people and I made
a difference in their life.

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