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Rhian thinks of getting Santi away from chaos | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

Are you sure about that, Rhian? You know how Tiago operates. I know. But this is the only way
we can save Mama. What will we do with Santi? I want to keep him here, but
I know that’s not possible. I don’t have the
right to do that. If he stays here, there’s a bigger chance
he might get hurt. But I can’t give him
back to Tiago. Rhian! Rhian! Hold on. Tomas, what brings you here? Rhian asked us to come. Rhian! Thanks for coming. Ate, who are they? We’ll be taking care
of you, little boy. Santi, listen to me. They’ll take care of you
while we’re away. Where are you going? We need to save my mother
and her friend. Your father took them. Their lives are in danger. Just tell us if you
need anything else. Tiago has hurt my
family lots of times. And I want to seek justice
for what they did to Banjo. Tomas… …we don’t need anything else. We don’t want to
drag you into this. Watching Santi for us is
more than enough help. And we don’t want to put
your lives in danger. What are you doing, Rhian? I have a plan. Rhian, I’m sorry it took
me a while to pick up. Ethan, we know where Mama is. But we’ll be
needing your help. We’re sure Tiago took them. And they’ll only release them, if we give Santi
back to them But Tiago is cunning. What’s your plan? They’ll be here soon, General. Alright. Get ready. get my son back. Yes, General. Let’s go! Hurry up!


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