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Rhian identifies Cuatro | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

Look, we brought fruits for you. Thank you. And we also packed
a change of clothes for you. Thank you so much. I’m really glad you’re safe. I don’t know what
I could’ve done otherwise. Papi, no! You know it’s wrong
to harm other people. That’s right, Papi. There are laws
governing our actions. Whoever did this will surely pay
for what they’ve done. That’s true. Elai… Are you alright? Do you remember this? I made this for Papa. The doctor gave it to me
even though it belongs to Papa. Kuya Elai… Just keep wearing that so you have something
to remind you of your father. Wearing that will make you feel
like he’s always with you. She’s right, Elai. Even though he’s not
with us anymore, I’m sure he’ll keep
watching over you. He’ll be your guardian angel. Papa, protect me and Nanay
all the time. Please protect my friends, too. Who is it? Miss Isabelle… Good day, ma’am. We’re here to talk to
Elijah Sarmiento. We just want to verify
the facial composite. I drew a sketch, too! I’ll show you. Here. It’s her. Do what you have to do. If you need help,
I’ll be right here. Hello? Hello, Nay? This is Rhian.
How are you doing? Rhian, dear,
I’m glad you called. The police gave us a
sketch of the shooter. Catch her, Rhian! I’m on my way there. Okay, dear. Elai, are you ready? Where are you taking Elai? He has a session
with the psychiatrist. It’s one of the
requirements for the court to
accept his testimony. I see. Elai, you need to
go with the nurse. – Nanay, give this to–
– Yes, dear. Let’s go, Elai. Be careful. Rhian. How are you feeling? I’m fine, dear. Where’s Elai? He has a session with… …the psychiatrist. He wanted me to give you this. Here, take it. What’s this, Nay? That’s the cartographic sketch
of the person who attacked us. Alex.


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