(REVIEW) 2019 BET Awards | Regina's Hilarious, Mary J Shut It Down, & Tyler Preached (RECAP)

what's going on listen I'm Ted I'm Ted y'all know if I don't do it tonight I ain't gonna do it tomorrow it's gonna be old news by tomorrow okay listen the beauty of wars 2019 in no shape I don't care what nobody say something makes it was boring bitch I liked it he kept me up but baby I'm not gonna work in the morning I expect this shit to go on for almost four hours did you count on it at seven o'clock okay and if you want to count the pre-show that to depreciate was two hours done the deal was show was almost four hours that's six hours of my TV time bitch I didn't turn into the pre-show to be quite honest I turned to to it I'm probably like 15 10 minutes before the actual show came on and I got to see royalty me and Afrobeat get up there and perform let me tell you something back in the goddamn gap okay when Beauty Awards first came on in the first two years or whatever them T something when we was excited about who was gonna be appointment on the pre stage and who's gonna be performing on the main stage okay and I'm bringing this up because it ain't the same no more it's not the same no more and I'm saying it's just all for this one performance that I saw all right listen I looked at rotini maybe they didn't know the words whatever the crowds used to be big out there in the pre-show everybody na mommy used to be outside the crowd used to be just big for the pre-show as a word in the main storm stage okay it'd be all the people that couldn't get into the main stage okay this crowd was smaller shit they know what they was doing they was just standing there it was like well TV was singing to a goddamn you know anything wrong and I was just really confused about what was going on I said just can we just cut on here and speed the time up and she's gonna head to the arm beats here wasn't let's get the story because I was feeling a second hand embarrassment and he was doing a nice job he sounded good too you don't saying you know Dre you still got to die on power but you did a good job Rotimi but hey it is what it is you remember what there used to be like my old hands back in the day went on beat each boys just come on we used to be hype about everything okay girl you'll be lucky if you get maybe two possibly three good performances but you know tonight was a cool night okay I don't have that many complaints um maybe a couple of performances that I was like a girl yeah I could have kept there but you know it is what it is um let's get started so we have Regina Hall she was the host first of all who opened up cardi being all set bitch let me just tell y'all this they fucking did that for the simple fact that cardi or whoever the fuck was on the team got off set to do some goddamn choreography okay mind you I'm sitting here like wait a minute what's going on they in formation like a motherfucker there's a lot of bitches on this goddamn stage what but they did that for the most part they did what they had to do ourself was pop like he was showing coward that he used to do this he ain't new to this he true to this you know I'm saying bitch I remember when our cell was pop lock him up and Whitney Houston video I said bitch you come along goddamn way now you know you know you can do some shit so you just really decided to just sit up on the stage and do nothing Carter said you're gonna get out hand you're gonna do some choreography and that's exactly what happened they perform clout and she did press ok that was cute whatever moving on from that God tell me how y'all felt about that I think somebody's gonna say cardi and I'll say it's the jay-z and beyonce of the beads here was this year stop preaching okay stop doing that stop doing that you know she did a good job let's just keep it that okay we we don't wanna fuck that up all right Regina Hall she was the host you know I'm saying she came out there and so that's the one thing that was making me mad about the BT Awards is the fact that there really was them not that much promo and then when a promo start picking up they start picking up like a couple of days before the show came on okay it wasn't no prior fun or whatever I did hear that Regina Hall was gonna be the host I was like okay that's cute maybe it's gonna be funny because I like me some Regina Hall she's never not made me laugh and she did the damn thing bring her ass back to host next year okay because she was good she was good okay there we go she um when she started think everyday said it was Regina hard that was gonna be hosting or whatever it did it goes into the little documentary she read it at homecoming fiance's homecoming to call it homegrown you know she's from DC and they was doing all the stuff in the go-go music it you know just hit giving props and shit and I was just I was like you know what leave it to Regina Hall it was just hilarious as hell and she happy I say drum with that truth when I was doing a thing I met her at the Cleveland Show she's a really nice girl anyway um it was really really funny I liked it she came out that was sugar bear and on them and they'd be doing that but hey sex the sex – no not do it but bitch that came out when I was young shit I remembered I said this is a lot on TV yeah bitch I'll go through the video and everything taraji came up there doing what she had to do with it it was really cute really nice throughout the whole throughout the whole evening Regina she made me laugh each and every time okay she really did you know um Yara shahuri she came out there I thought girl from groans okay y'all were from groaning she came up that she presented the best new artist to little baby okay don't get him confused with the baby you know um because then the baby came out that he did his song should you know started it off with a little skit from like the old back in the day the East Coast West Coast you don't wanna know on director your producer all up in the video here hey what that extra swirled I said bitch what happened okay I said that has to be paid but you know he got a little muscle on him too you know I like me son to baby you do what you gotta do he did a good job you know he looks a little ass I said the baby little baby bitch it's too many babies up in the shit alright you alright when y'all gonna grow up we got gonna grow up the ground man what what what's gonna happen moving on we had a guy come out with Elisha Kelly and just a nice guy mind you mind you I just had to point this out because they was the young star war award and in went to Marseille Martin okay congratulations to her because she has been out here doing it big yeah I don't know who miss my stay is she was in the movie little that was her movie that she was executive producer on you know she was Diane from black-ish and we've seen her grow up and we're literally seeing her grow up into a beautiful young woman and she is out here doing her thing taking over the business and all that shit and I said mama you better get your critics you better get your props and you better get your coins that's what you better do okay um but I just find it real funny how 50 cent remember one 50 cent had his video on his TV show coming on on BT coffee to Central and it was supposed to be like a little sketch comedy stuff or whatever they come up there and they do look things and you know I'm performing this and performing at and you know having different committees or whatever the sketches and stuff skits and knowledge shit and then he had to look beef war going on with Arkady and saying how erotic Taylor she had all that stuff whatever it ain't gonna be nothing and he owned BT and all that shit when I think who got the upper hand and the last laugh it's the fact that Irv Gotti show come back for a second season and when it's sitting central cuz that shit was not funny at all and I turned in okay just to see he had the right to have bragging rights and know he did alright I was just like um sometimes we just need to be quiet sometimes you know saying don't put our foot in our mouth so right but I did it was cute word 56 interrupting Regina own arm ooh pull a plug out interrupted Regina and said that she owed her or him some money you know at this point in time if y'all have not learned our lessons don't get no money for 50 cent let that be a lesson learned okay yeah I see what happened and if you borrow some money from him you's a dumbass okay that's it most nor from there Fantasia came out that she performs her new song enough um kind of reminded me of uh Nita Baker now I swear to God I thought they said it was going it sound like I need to bank a sample whatever by that and uh when they did the credits about who I was gonna be there didn't they say I need a bacon what's gonna pop up bitch ball Anita Baker was or was i trippin you know but the attention came like that and she looked good okay I said listen bitch Fantasia she got her old man's man her whole last husband and she just said fuck out I'm gonna give you all this party and she's doing it okay um at that point you know as soon as she came out Fantasia was ready to go Fantasia was all DeRay ready to go okay bitch every time she said a couple of words and she front of pour that microwave and she goes yeah yeah and then lip stock quicker I said bitch she ready to go in she is ready to go in she ready to jump in and take the fuck off it wasn't happening yet but wait till they got to the end of that song yes bitch she did what she had to do and I was like okay I love when the guitars came out there and I'm you know that was doing what they had to do and playing with each other and all that stuff and she was on the float it gave me flashbacks to when you know BB Beyonce's old guitars used to do that with her on the stage until I don't know what happened between them so but you know that's history you know what I'm saying but that's what it reminded me of it was some good times there was some good times and I enjoyed it thoroughly you know there Raphael Saadiq a mic that introduced me some music artists lucky day and he sounds real good I'm after looking to the Nissan artist also the other one Kiana ledee she sound good – she reminded me a little baby some Islands or some shit like that you know she sounded real good understand I'm packed he came and I see Parker came out there I presented the album of the year – Cordy Carter just letting y'all know that her wave is still going congratulations Liz all came out there perform truth hurts and let me tell you this there's always one of my favorite performances because you know big girls out here really trying to get the respect that we desire you know I'm saying and just because we don't mean it we always got to be covered up y'all always got to do this we can't be in this color we can't do that that should do it whatever bitch I'm gonna get out of here and shake my ass i'ma show my thighs I'm gonna do all that stuff and I'm singing about taking your man okay I'm gonna tell about you know sitting on his face and everything you don't say if he survived he survived you know what I'm saying take rest bitch that's what she's gonna do man fuck up you know that's what it is and I love I love that Liz oh it's out here just doing the damn thing not giving a fuck and then when she broke out into that little work with the goddamn flute bitch I said you better fucking do that bitch you better fucking do that the crowd went up how we were up Rihanna was like gasps I've seen a bitch me out of you there for real for real okay cool you know sometimes they be saying shit and they don't really happen but she did one of my best favorite performances of the night al Sharpton came out there to present the gospel Walsh and Snoop Dogg who would have found that flu dog in this day and age ever will be getting an award for gospel music but he got his award um look nice ex and Billy Ray Cyrus came out and performed to remix the old town roll you know I just I also kept Billy Ray like okay cool cool cool and each and every time every time I heard sighs whatever I just thinking about mine you know and Purdue chicken and head and all that stuff girl Nikki Minaj just fuck shit baking us and you heard Queen radio you know exactly what the fuck I'm talking about the shit was hilarious but anyway it was childish produced America's help but um anyway um they did a good job for the simple fact that at all the performances that happened this night this was the performance that everybody na mommy was up on a feed from the jump even from the first words of the song on the chorus before the vs. even came in everybody was singing it okay the whole auditorium was singing it and it was overpowering and drowning him out at one point too you know so I feel like this is a good look for the nice X I'm getting out there young boy trying to do what he got to do and it's a good look he did a good job Lala and Lorenz potato salad a cruise and best multi-tool black Klansman city girl and little baby perform city girls come out oh I should say Croatia she came out and she did what she it was it could have been better it could have been better it was up it it was forgettable as fuck okay and for that to be the song of the summer bitch not even summer the song other seasons okay when he came out everybody was act up you know strikes on my ass you know all that shit we just go up for the song whatever but it just didn't maybe because she goes nervous or whatever just probably why I just didn't feel it from her you know I'm saying I said some fucking I'm just where she was you know look as a performer baby we need JT to come on out the jail cell that's all that it is but it is you know congratulations for being on the main stage you know and they gave her a burst and it has to do and then they switched over to little baby never hurt any of his songs he started doing a song and then it cut off and I was like what's happening what's happening he was transitioning to a new song and I was like this transition is ugly meaning it didn't make sense it makes sense but I guess you know a for effort for his little performance or whatever it was still forgettable for me exonerated you know five came out there to present her yeah ain't gon know when they see us to Central Park story or whatever they came out there they got love and you know it was a social message and I can't appreciate that some people can say oh they didn't like her performance because it was boring because she sounds the same she's do all this stuff she do everything you know all the single time or whatever hurricanes out there and her gave us a social message that we all needed to hear in this time and age okay her what's that moment where you can have fun you can be fun and you can also be social a socially conscious about what's going on in your community and the world around you as well okay she came back out there on her social justice Black Panther shit you know she was playing cello okay I said bitch you just don't throw us with my own you know instrument after instrument after instrument at you know how to play you tell today's motherfucker okay you do that and so I like the performance and then this rapper Yung beat what is it why being acquired I never heard of him but he did what he had to do – I was surprised at you know it all stick together cuz you know we didn't heard about the why being niggas you know what I'm saying you know some of them ain't got no sense okay but when he came out I was like oh okay this sounds nice I like the performance my Saint Martin she presented Best Actress – Regina Kane and that whole skit with Regina Hall sitting backstage talking as if she was gonna get it it didn't being upset that she didn't get it and it was funny I really be like that um DJ mustard in the migos they came out there perform let me tell you something I understood take off okay take off by this time product was faded as fuck a little bit drunk probably tipsy nine Trump and popped another edible probably just to get through the show he probably was ready to go being ready to go you know I'm saying so he was just on the stage giving you the bare minimum that he was paid to give you okay he said bitch you just gonna give me going like this you ain't me to give me all over this stage even – all that's the bitch I felt take off in that moment okay that's why we were surprised when I said did choreography on his opening performance bitch and then we get the real me girls would take on just in there like this I was like you know what okay okay it was a long gas show so I ain't gonna come down hard but damn but they're okay entertainment but anyway they actually actually like they're you know what DJ mustard I prefer him because when he came out there and he did his performance with them yeah he's the DJ but you know he was rapping or you know speaking his little stuff on the track whatever why they was performing but if flow together and it felt like it was more authentic didn't you get a person like DJ Khaled who come out there and it's just like he just he just so corny witty he's so he's so extra and he just do the absolute most and that's exactly what he did that performance that he did with Meek Mill and I'm the baby it was so forgettable and I was so underwhelmed okay these didn't need to be on stage to be quite honest okay just let them perform their song the song I noticed on your album but just let them perform we don't need you to be the hype man or whatever because you just killed the vibe up okay um and Jerry I'm Jeremiah okay I was like what oh okay Jacob Latimore came out there presented the viewers Choice Awards to Ella Mae she said at the end of her speech let the music do the talking and she walked the fuck off the stage I said wait a minute girl we thought his shot shot shot shot-shot-shot okay maybe y'all didn't know that was a shot okay oh you fuck with nobody say and if you did know it was the way that she walked off the stage then let you know that it was a shot though that a particular person we all know who that is you know we know who it is the king of karaoke okay that's who it was you know it is what it is he was probably now home start to yourself cuz he ain't get to come to the beach he was cause he wanted nominated so he said fuck this shit I'm not coming but it's understandable you know congratulation on he was um what's her name uh Ella Mae but but let's just get down to what we was waiting for okay listen was I the only one that was waiting for the mary j blige tribute I was waiting for the mary j blige tribute to see what was going on people kept on asking me who do you think should come do the tribute who they should get up there to performing all this stuff I was just saying I really was confused at this point like I don't know and to be quite honest um who can do a true tribute to mary j blige and sound good and give her energy or whatever oh we want to know who could Rihanna gave out they're presenting her with the boy and all that shit looking good as shit come on Robin fifteen when Regina said you know she out here doing all this other stuff which is causing her not to be up in the studio but we gonna deal with it I said bitch I felt that I really felt that because that's how all of us feel they've been waiting for this album okay but okay we're just gonna sit back and we just gonna wait that's all we can't that's all we can do that's all we can do at this point but then you know she came out there did a little tribute to uh marriage a blast a Lifetime Achievement Award and then Mary left when she came on the stage she said what she had to say thank everybody and then she left for a second and then it's like in trouble from dude he came out uh um you know she was sending an audience with Dede after she talked to her mom and all that stuff you know and this little music intro and he was just uh oh my god I don't care what nobody say I love that little intro we're dating okay because it felt back back in the old school but uh uptown bad boy days okay like 90s early 2000 it just felt that feel when he used to come on the tracks and he's been talking take that take that you know I said oh oh my god this is cute this is nice I like it and then Mary came out well before Mary came out we see the stage is set up is that all white all white instrument you got them the people out there the musicians out that plan and we hear I said bitch cool it's gonna come out here and do this bitch okay because I know Mary had his mary had his own one-child fucking it up okay I will say this Mary was hitting missed a little part on some part of my own tribute because Mary said fuck y'all I'm coming down here and i'm tributing myself I said that's the only way to do it that is the only fucking way to do it if you want the shit to be done fucking right I said you better do that shit Mary and she came out there you know she took a minute to get to the right kid you know how I was just off pinching off kid whatever she was to for second and I'm saying it took I mean she was trying to adjust that mic bitch I noticed everything okay but then she got then she did no more drama all right and then she went to the classics of all classics you know what I'm saying she went to I'm going down okay I said oh shit bitch you better fucking seen that shit bitch and then they kept on painting that on camera to the bitches in the audience that didn't know the works I said you know what Dave was faking like they knew the worst you could tell because the mouth wasn't commanding up to the arm to the lyrics they was I said bitch take the cameras off her now please take the cameras off with him because I'm not having this tonight all right and then after she do that I'm going down father Vila there we listen uh uh limb Asylum stuff I can't get y'all out of that can't get on it cuz you remind me ever not cakey but I can't give it I can't get it out you know because uh I'm starting stopping can't do it came through it you know it's a be happy yeah now listen Mary used to give a feel speech she had the classics okay cuz love without a bitch I can't kick yeah I love it I'm gonna hang out here just as long as the Beach Boys if I do bitch no okay and damn bitch I heard that's fucking um piano or whatever it was the opening took I can love you I can't love you better then if I told you once I told you twice QB blow the booty like Ruby from oh I found the truck I just listen bitch I was sitting in like her now I hear the voice I hear the music I hear the melody if look him bring her ass on the stage I'm going on and little Kim brought her ass understand a bitch went out and I said bitch I'm done I'm done and then oh I need to get by and Method Man brought his fine ass out there on that stage I said bitch you know what y'all can finish it right here and she ended it with just viagra I said you know what the award show is over it's done with ain't gonna energy for it okay bitch I was over it I was over I said Mary just came through and shut it down with classics okay class six and it's about damn time it is about Downton she did that shit then another you know a tribute that they did taraji P Henson came out there you know speaking on Tyler Perry giving him the icon award and speaking about how you know he was the first one to give her what she was old and what she was you know worth pay her what she was worth and so that's why you know she would always be in his corner and stuff like that and he came out there and gave this bomb speech and everything you know he was preaching and everything you know it really touched me and whatever and you know he was like the reason why he's so successful was because he's still worth like he broke bitch I'm working like I'm broke because I am broke so what's the difference I mean help me out like put in the line somewhere okay bitch I'm willing to move I'm ready to work you know I'm saying employ me bitch okay this how we trying to do ain't got no money to make no bill boys okay you said don't do billboards and shit like that bitch swing got nothing we ain't got no money for all that shit okay I'm trying to get money I'm trying to get experience I'm trying to get my own okay I'm trying you know what I'm saying Tyler what's up what's up we got a connection you know tell me was good tell me was good y'all throw it out there anyway that was really good like he really preached and it was very inspirational what he was saying um and he got a new thing going BT you got some new shows coming to BT bench BT got BT streaming coming head on and BT got beat seen streaming which is BT plus coming and basically they still they put all the black shows that they had on their network putting everything calling their bitch let me just say this if converse here in Baldwin Hills ain't no now I don't care for okay if that has all seasons on there all right that's what we looking for Ryan destiny introduced the other girl for the night Nissan music that I told y'all about Kendall a day erica Campbell the dude that's gonna be on was second best no Sunday best Kurt Franklin and Kelly Price came out there to perform her Franklin and he's sure his teachers trying to brush out they really were that was fighting more chestnut and oh boy from snowfall came out to attribute John Singleton it was very touching I liked it and then T I came out to do a tribute to Nipsey Hussle honor him with the humanity and war and Humanitarian Award and Marcia ambrosia John Legend and yg performed as well he had his his daughter his sister his mother his grandmother his father and Loren and his kids up there baby that's beast after mama gay girl girl the mama is from another gram okay she is from another room another dimension on a whole nother level of spirituality that I have never seen before okay and that is all I'm gonna say about that bitch when she got to talking thank you I said wait a minute it took me out I said what that did some to me that okay you know and then they close out the show with Johnny Gill coming out there singing and Frankie and Beverly Frankie man and Beth Leeds before I let go cuz began sex didn't know okay but that was basically it y'all tell me how I felt about to beat Awards I get y'all run down everybody everything every war I'm not going to edit this I'm not gonna cut it down y'all tell me how y'all show did you like it who was you who's the best for you and I will see you guys later peace

  • H.E.R. was one of thee very best of the night. Love her. I have so much respect for the more socially conscious artists.

  • They mentioned Anita Baker and I'm almost positive there was a mention of a Marvin Gay tribute, which I was really looking forward to.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂"cant give all that" break right back into song😂😂wit a smooth shoulder bop🤣🤣💀💀

  • H.E.R Performance Was Very Moving , Tyler Perry’s Story Was Inspirational & The Nipsey Tribute Was Very Emotional

    S/O To BET For Finally Putting On An Amazing SHOW 👏🏽 Very Impressed ‼️

  • “And then they brought out Johnny Gill to sing Frankie and Beverly’s Before I let go because Beyonce said no” 😭😭😭😭😭😭 I spit out my juice 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • LOVED your Mary J tribute Ashley. Very entertaining! 4itsRox sang a tribute as well. I can’t wait for y’all to do a vlog together. That would be epic. Thanks for a great review!

  • Regina Hall was good…they did say Anita Baker but she wasn't there…the nissan acts were good…lil nas x and billy ray cyrus were good…the City girls performance was lack luster…what was up with the guy coming out of the audience with no intro…I had know idea who he was…H.E.R. was amazing as usual!!! The Migos was cool…basically Mary J's performance saved the show for me (lil kim and method man)…she gave us a concert!!!!

  • I had to stop the video……did you just say "if he survives, he survives……you gotta take risks, man up"!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CArdi B and offset, Fantasia, Mary J, Blige, HER, LiL Kim and Method Man was the best. it was a decent show Regina Hall was good host. they could at least promote it more. Why they show this award show on multiple stations??? lol

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